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Book Cover for: Staying the Course: A story about trauma, healing and finding a voice in the middle of silence., Deshala Walker

Staying the Course: A story about trauma, healing and finding a voice in the middle of silence.

Deshala Walker

Hey there, super kids! Today, let's talk about a very special person named DeShala.

She's like a superhero in her own way, and she's on an amazing mission! DeShala is a super cool social worker at an elementary school, just like yours, but she works in a place called Wisconsin - that's also known as the cheese state! Imagine going to school where there's so much cheese!

What makes DeShala extra special is her big dream. She wants to help everyone, kids and grown-ups, to be the best they can be. She believes that everyone has a super purpose in life,

a kind of secret superpower, and she's there to help you find it! But wait, there's more!

DeShala has a dream of traveling all around the world to share her story and inspire people everywhere. Imagine all the amazing places she'll see and the different people she'll meet! When DeShala isn't busy being awesome at her job, she loves doing fun things. She enjoys cooking yummy foods (maybe even cheesy recipes!), hanging out with her family, and

spending time with God. It's her way of recharging her superpowers!

So, boys and girls, remember this: like DeShala, you too can chase your dreams, help others, and do what you love. Whether it's cooking, playing, or learning, you're on your way to discovering your own super purpose in life. Always believe in yourself, because you are awesome!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Franklin Pub.
  • Publish Date: May 21st, 2024
  • Pages: 28
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 8.50in - 0.25in - 0.66lb
  • EAN: 9798893241914
  • Recommended age: 06-12
  • Categories: Health & Daily Living - Maturing