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Book Cover for: Steven Wise: Beyond the Cases- His Early Life, Achievements, personhood and Beyond, His Legacy and His Death, Karen Chesser

Steven Wise: Beyond the Cases- His Early Life, Achievements, personhood and Beyond, His Legacy and His Death

Karen Chesser

Beyond the Cases........

Forget courtroom dramas. This is the captivating biography of Steven Wise, the legal pioneer who dared to challenge the very foundation of who deserves rights.

Go beyond the headlines and delve into the fascinating life of Steven Wise, a man who wasn't just a lawyer, but a revolutionary. This captivating biography takes you on a journey from his unlikely beginnings - a chemistry student ignited by the anti-Vietnam War movement - to his transformation into the leading advocate for animal personhood.

This isn't just a dry recount of legal battles. Wise's story is woven with rich historical context, drawing parallels to past struggles for equality and highlighting the groundbreaking nature of his arguments. You'll witness firsthand the emotional courtroom clashes, the philosophical debates, and the ethical dilemmas that surrounded his fight for chimpanzee, elephant, and even pig rights.

But this book is more than just legal history. It's a captivating exploration of the man behind the movement. You'll meet Wise's passionate collaborators, witness his struggles against criticism, and discover the personal motivations that fueled his unwavering dedication.

Through captivating storytelling and engaging narrative, this biography goes beyond the facts. It brings Wise's life to life, allowing you to experience the joys of his victories, the sting of his defeats, and the unwavering determination that kept him pushing the boundaries of legal precedent.

If you're looking for a biography that reads like a thriller then this Steven Wise Biography "Beyond the Cases" is the book for you.

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Feb 23rd, 2024
  • Pages: 28
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798882588150
  • Categories: Lawyers & Judges