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Book Cover for: Surviving Homework With a Struggling Student, Christy Nunn

Surviving Homework With a Struggling Student

Christy Nunn

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for adults who are trying to support a struggling student in learning time management and organizational skills. This book is intended to focus on positive interactions from two educators and moms who have lived it and know that positives work entirely differently than consequences and even "gentle reminders".

This is a journey of growth for both the adult and the student. The journey for the student will have to be done with an adult's support. There will be good days and bad days along the way. Breathe through the bad days. You may have to pivot on the spot, but don't give up. If you skip days of the routine- know in advance that you will go back to day one of the journey. That is okay; just know this is a journey that happens "until" your child can figure it out. Don't give up on the journey, and don't give up on your child. Your voice may be one of the few positive messages your child has encountered during rough days. Also, once students feel a sense of control and accomplishment, their independence soon follows.

When we say- We see you, we hear you, we are you, we mean it-

We see you:

  • We see educators, parents, and especially students needing help but not knowing how to communicate the need.
  • We see students acting out due to being overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of skills to complete and keep track of work because traditional systems don't work for them.
  • We see parents concerned because they don't know how to help their children.
  • We see educators wanting to support students but not always having a way that works for all students.

We hear you:

  • Parents' frustration when grades don't reflect knowledge/effort due to missing work or work your student forgets to bring home or can't find to turn in.
  • Bridging the communication gap between home and school when students cannot deliver information/work to and from.
  • Students do not have the vocabulary to explain their struggles in managing school work. They don't have the ability or language to communicate what help they need to organize school demands.

We are you are- just trying to make it through the day...

  • The parent looking for hope to answer the question, how do I help my child?
  • Educators who want to help teachers, students, and families succeed.
  • People who have lived the struggle and consciously decided to focus on positive solutions and support.

This book has been forged with many tears, frustrations, and failures, but with those have come triumphs and successes that once seemed unattainable.

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