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Book Cover for: Synthesis, Characterization, In-vitro antioxidant Activity, Prof Richa Kothari

Synthesis, Characterization, In-vitro antioxidant Activity

Prof Richa Kothari
A novel series of Cinnamon acquired hydrazone Schiff base ligands and Coordinated chromium (III) Complexes have been synthesised by the simple condensation reaction of 2-hydrazino Carbonyldrazide with the Cinnamonaldehyde (extracted from ethanolic solution of powdered Cinnamon), pyrrol carboxaldehyde and Chromium (III) salt in 2:1 Molar ratio. All the synthesized compounds have been Characterized by using various analytical and spectroscopic techniques like elemental analysis, molar conductance UV-Vis, FTIR, XRD, TEM and TGA techniques. On the basis of physicochemical measurements the following empirical formula have been assigned to Chromium(III) complexes [Cr(H2L)1] Cl2.H2O and [Cr(H2L)2] Cl2.H2O where (H2L)1 is the Cinnamon acquired hydrazone Schiff base ligand and (H2L)2 is the Schiff base ligand obtained from pyrrol crboxaldehyde. The total antioxidant activity of all compounds were tested via DPPH method and their antioxidant activity was appraise by comparing with standard substance 2,2-diphenyl -1-picrylhydrazinyl. It is dark coloured Crystalline powder composed of stable free radical molecules

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