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Book Cover for: Teaching Introductory Physics: A Sourcebook, Clifford E. Swartz

Teaching Introductory Physics: A Sourcebook

Clifford E. Swartz

Clifford Swartz, longtime editor of The Physics Teacher, has developed an ideal reference book for teachers giving an introductory physics course--at either the high school or college level. The material ranges from practical hints about classroom management to tutorial essays. Some of the pedagogical suggestions are aimed at small class situations and others are concerned with lecture courses. Frequently the tutorials provide a summary of material that will prove extremely handy for classroom preparation.

Book Details

  • Publisher: American Institute of Physics
  • Publish Date: Jun 9th, 1998
  • Pages: 558
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10.35in - 8.55in - 1.41in - 3.20lb
  • EAN: 9781563963209
  • Categories: GeneralPhysics - General

Praise for this book

"[The book] is intended for new teaching assistants, first-time teachers, and faculty who are returning to the introductory course after an absence of some years. It is meant to fill the need for renewal in physics education and to provide a useful context for the teacher. It succeeds at much of this. The drawings by Art Ferguson are wonderfully clear and helpful and will make all of us who do not have access to such an artist jealous. Perhaps the book will even help its readers to become better teachers and to have fewer dissatisfied students. Both authors are expert at teaching and communication...Both brought their wealth and experience in teaching and knowledge to the book...the reader can encounter fascinating aspects of friction, a discussion of transfer of tension by a rope, one of the clearest expositions of the difference between diffraction and interference ever written, a nicely written explanation of the difference between phase and group velocity and a wonderful discussion of many aspects of ferromagnetism...Overall, the first tow wonderful chapters and the very nice treatments of various topics in the rest of the book overwhelm any reservations about recommending the book. This will indeed be a valuable addition to a teacher's bookshelf."

"The primary intent of the authors was to condense and filter decades of experience teaching Introductory Physics so that faculty, new to teaching physics at the high school or college level, would have a tutorial on effective teaching. They have done a superb job. Though much of the material can be found elsewhere, much of it is new, or at least not easy to find...Not all of the chapters are of the same quality or depth. But each is designed so that an instructor can read the chapter one day, go into class the next, and immediately improve the quality of instruction. Though the authors have written a book that is aimed at beginning teachers, it will be useful to faculty at all levels of experience. I have been teaching Introductory Physics for 10 years, and there was not a single chapter which did not give me some new insight, or remind me of something I know but do not always take into account...In general, the book by Swartz and Miner fills a niche long empty in the education of physics faculty, and should be one of the first books on the shelf of anyone considering a career teaching physics at the high-school or college level."