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Book Cover for: That Silly Old Painter, Boyd Barrett

That Silly Old Painter

Boyd Barrett

An old painter moves away from his village but leaves behind his greatest work, a painting that is discovered by a 5 year old girl. Soon the villagers, who had made fun of him before, recognize the beauty of his painting as it begins to change the entire village, bringing out its beauty. After the little girl's family leaves, the village falls into the darkness of division...a darkness that lasts until the girl, now an old woman, returns. Will the village's beauty return?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Winterspring Press
  • Publish Date: Nov 10th, 2023
  • Pages: 66
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 11.00in - 0.31in - 1.13lb
  • EAN: 9798989215522
  • Categories: General

About the Author

Barrett, Boyd: - Boyd Barrett is a real estate appraiser in Roswell, New Mexico, but spends a great deal of his time bringing creative projects to life, both for himself and others. He is a stage/film/voice actor, author, songwriter, screenwriter, playwright, and an audiobook narrator/producer. Boyd is married to Kathy, and they have two children and seven grandchildren. You can find out more aboutBoyd at
Chiki, Krisi: - Krisi is an illustrator with Romanian roots living in Athens, Greece. She has studied Comic and Cartoons at AKTO Art & Design College and made her Bachelor in 2014. Since then she has been working as a freelanceartist for clients world wide to bring smiles to people through her art. You can find more of Krisi's beautiful artwork at
Riliniki, Kessir: - Kessir Riliniki is a media designer from Bavaria, Germany. In their spare time, they occasionally dabble in illustration, voiceacting, screenwriting and producing. They like to help others create art that bring stories to life, but also create their own stories in visual and audible forms. They have been working with Krisi since 2009. In their spare time, Kessir takes care of a pack of bunnies in their bunny garden. You can find more of their projects at or find their Bunnies on social media @OBDsity
Praise for this book

"That Silly Old Painter is a beauty... a beautifully illustrated story of a community captured by a 'silly' painter's breathtaking vision of who they can become. The imagery of a banquet of love and peace is compelling, just as humanity's capacity for defacing beauty with discord is a heartbreaking and familiar tale. But when our hope seems fragile and naive, beauty has a way of coming around again. Thank you Boyd, Krisi, and Kessir - this despairing heart needed a boost!"

Bradley Jersak - Theologian, Principal of St. Stephens University, Author of "Out of the Embers", "A More Christlike God" series, and "Her Gates Will Never Be Shut"

"Boyd Barrett is one of the most talented men I know. He is gifted in so many ways. In "That Silly Old Painter" he tells a story that accurately reflects the world we live in. What we focus on expands. I am reminded in his book to focus on what will add value to the lives of others. Mr. Barrett's book adds value to my life. It is a "must read" for each of us."

Rick Kraft - Author, Speaker, Syndicated Columnist, Attorney, Community Leader

"That Silly Old Painter reminds us how beauty can change the world and how our beautiful world is really meant to be! This story offers us all a little hope in making the world a better place and asks us to be a part of the beauty-making, even when others are busy fighting and arguing over the world. A vibrant, fun book with a perfect lesson on community for all of us!"

Kyle Bullock - Jeweler, Author, Actor, Podcaster

"A profound and enchanting allegory that will stir the hearts of children and parents. 'That Silly Old Painter' captures a breathtaking vision for what our world could be. Truly one of the most beautiful children's books I've ever read."

H.R. Hutzel - Author of the "Anointed" series, Co-Author with Ted Dekker on "Journey to Impossible Places"

"'That Silly Old Painter' is a vividly illustrated, well written thing of beauty. Its beauty is in its bright colors, applied by a truly talented artist;

and in its engaging and satisfying writing. But the thing that makes its beauty special is that it leaves you thinking about important things.

Read it for yourself, and if you want some fresh and well considered thoughts about it, read it to a child and listen to them."

Curtis Michaels - Author, Journalist