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Book Cover for: The Academics Brains and Recreation Logics, Bernard Benson Sarfo

The Academics Brains and Recreation Logics

Bernard Benson Sarfo

Moderation makes things right and beautiful. It is a food for the soul and life to the body and the spirit. Life is not about wealth and enjoyment but it is moderation in all doings.

Men cannot be totally satisfied without self-control and it is wrong to do away moderation in all matters of life. Do not avoid self-control in whatever you are doing. That is moderation.

The peak and the ideal life remained in moderate. You need to understand that, a good life does not depend on belongings or money. But it depends on a quiet spirit and in moderation. Sensitivity is the key of precious life that determined the result of anything we are doing.

The good life does not depend on been pompous or much wealth, but moderation in all stages of life. We are created to do things according to how it has been programmed, but not how we want it.

The good life does not depend on an abundance of wealth, but it depends on how you can cope with the little as well as the big in all condition without stress. We are to be careful in whatever we are doing.

We need not do things that are on call for but we must be considerate in all things. You should not fill water to the level or the edge of a pot or bucket, but with a certain level, else it will be difficult for you to carry or handle it.

What do I mean? Means you must be modest in all things to prevent trouble. Modesty in life brings peace, comfort and saves the soul from damage.

We need not force ourselves to be rich in a moment but we must gather it little by little for our own peace. Do not disregard moderation but make it your banner or logo in your everyday movement.

Do not dress in a manner that will draw attention but be moderate in your dressing. Do not eat more than the required amount but to the demand to prevent abuse.

Our diseases; discomforts, and others depending on regardless of moderation. We must do all things through modesty to prevent harm to ourselves. Even too much talk can damage your voice and your tone for the conversation.

It is not good to study or research more than the due time or above your strength. If you dare, you will damage your system and die unexpectedly.

We must be careful in all things and do thing according to our strength or ability. We must not stress ourselves for money-making out of rest but we must make money with mind and with care.

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  • Publisher: Bernard Benson Sarfo
  • Publish Date: Apr 5th, 2024
  • Pages: 88
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Sarfo, Bernard Benson: -

Bernard Benson Sarfo is an acquainted architectural designer and a motivational speaker.
He is a gifted teacher who continues to motivate and encourage many.