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Book Cover for: The Angry Old Man Meets the Twelve, B. D. Pedersen

The Angry Old Man Meets the Twelve

B. D. Pedersen

This story is not about heaven or hell, nor is it an attempt to prove one or the other exists. Nor is it an attempt to prove that there are ghosts, specters, that roam this world. This story centers on a specific set of ghosts, real ghosts, the presence of one who has passed still being here in this place, this world. However, in this story the ghosts manifest in a dream and not a physical appearance.
There are ghost stories all over the place and there are whole careers based on looking for, finding, and identifying ghosts wherever they are. No, this is about one person, living a mostly uneventful life, who now must deal with the presence of ghosts from years past. Yes, that was plural.
This is not a terror story, or a gross story about the powers of ghosts over the living. This is about the presence of ghosts, of those in the past this person, a retired police officer, has seen, met, or dealt with. Manifesting themselves to this officer in his dreams, over a period of time.
In many respects, it is a sad story, yet one that clearly has impacted our officer in a way he never thought would happen. He still has visitations from those in his past. It is a vividness of life that remains clear and sharp in his mind all these years. Only now is he becoming fully aware of their presence. The reality of what is being present here is that it is a love story.

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  • Publish Date: May 26th, 2024
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