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Book Cover for: The Battle at Fort Anchor, Patrick Whelan

The Battle at Fort Anchor

Patrick Whelan

In 1866 after the great Zulu wars in Africa reached its conclusion, an incident happened with far-reaching influence. Italy suffered an embarrassing naval defeat by a smaller navy and afterwards ordered eight massive Armstrong cannons for two new ironclad battleships they were having built. This was to placate the many Italian critics at home. To counter the possible threat to Britain's commercial trade to India through the Suez Canal, Britain also ordered Armstrong cannons. These were for forts sited on two small pebbles of land called Gibraltar and Malta. Seemingly toe kicked away by the shoe of Europe into the puddle that was the Mediterranean. Built on historical fact this delightful fictional story revolves around the lives of two military officers, and the two women, Victoria and Sarah, who loved them dearly. Major Townsend and Captain Marsh were charged with getting one of these monster muzzle-loaders up a hill and into a fort they would command - an operation beset with problems. Unable to use the muscular shire horses, the task was a formidable undertaking of manpower resulting in various injuries to soldiers. However, they were indebted to the powers of persuasion of the rugged Sergeant-major Horrocks. Using his own brand of punishment on shirkers as the ultimate deterrent. Unknown to the British, the civilian labour force had been infiltrated by insurgents - descendants of the Barbary pirates. Using murder and sabotage, they intended to turn the giant armament around and lay waste to Valletta, and its security forces during a planned invasion. Because of its military and romantic content and leading women it will appeal to ladies and men alike. It contains humour with characters such as Horrocks, Prosser the tosser, Hart, Molly and old Jack Stamp to name but a few. It will enthral and entice the reader to read on with escapism assured.

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  • Publisher: PW Books
  • Publish Date: Apr 18th, 2023
  • Pages: 370
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781398432338
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