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Book Cover for: The Beanstalk Book: A Magical Guide To Realistically Living Your Enchanted Life, Kim Nussbaum Howerton

The Beanstalk Book: A Magical Guide To Realistically Living Your Enchanted Life

Kim Nussbaum Howerton

"Already Making a Difference: Inspiring Lives and Transforming Hearts."

Have you ever asked your heart what it wants?

A captivating book inspired by the remarkable story of a widow who embarks on a profound quest after receiving a message from her beloved husband in spirit that ignites her imagination, urging her to share her deepest desires, just like planting magical beans that sprout into a magnificent beanstalk. Filled with enchantment and heartfelt moments, this story takes readers on a magical ride through the realm of dreams, love, and the power of manifestation. Kim's extraordinary journey serves as a reminder that with the power of dreams, determination, and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible. The beanstalk becomes a symbol of her aspirations, reaching heights previously unimaginable. She not only tells you her inspiring story, but also she teaches you how to harness the power of the beanstalk!

This Magical Guide shows you how to:

Systematically explore and discover your own desires Use powerful tools to identify what you want from life Discover the transformative potential hidden within your wishes Allow joy and happiness in all areas of your life Find the magic that lies within you

Book Details

  • Publisher: Kim Nussbaum Howerton
  • Publish Date: May 28th, 2024
  • Pages: 162
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.35in - 0.37lb
  • EAN: 9798988540106
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About the Author

Nussbaum Howerton, Kim: - Kim Nussbaum Howerton is an accomplished author and a former school teacher. After the loss of her spouse, she found profound solace in the power of storytelling and embarked on a new chapter in her life. Drawing from her experience in the classroom and her own personal journey. Kim's writing captures the depths of human emotion and explores the resilience of the human spirit. Her words weave a tapestry of love, loss, and hope, resonating with readers on a profound level. Through her stories, Kim inspires and uplifts, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, there is beauty to be found and lessons to be learned. She enjoys living in the mountains with her husband and dog in a creative sanctuary at their lodge in Montana.

Praise for this book

The Beanstalk Book: A Magical Guide to Realistically Living Your Enchanted Life is a literal magic-maker.

Kim created a profound path to live her dream life and help others be able to do that too. The extremely effective processes and exuberant art in these pages will inspire and guide you in transforming experiences of pain, grief, trauma, heartbreak and even death, and show you how to bring your dearest dreams to life no matter what your circumstances might be.

SARK author, artist

Kim, as I read your book, I cannot help but cry when you speak to me as if I am seeing and hearing my own thoughts. With each page, I find commonalities not only you and I share but that most women share when losing their love, their soul mate, their everything. Your writing and imagery are exceptional: the "magical beanstalks" encourage thinking through situations and decisions, deciphering possibilities not imagined when learning to cope with and some day "enjoy alone".

Dr. Sue Clifton Author at Wild Rose Press

The time I spend "Beanstalking'"has allowed for both reflection and projection. I have been able to creatively set a course for my journey into the next chapter of my life. Through Kim's beautiful and imaginative creation, The Beanstalk Book, and with her guidance, I am feeling a sense of joy and peacefulness that is new and so very welcome. Kim's bravery in sharing her own painful journey and her willingness to let us join her as she manifests the life she's dreamed of, has been invaluable in allowing me to believe in myself again. Kim

provides a road map for hope, freedom, possibility and a joyful life. And, on top of all that, "Beanstalking" is just a whole lotta fun!!"

Reader Review

Kim helped me to follow my heart and open my own business. Thank you, times a million! She made my dreams that seemed BIG and unrealistic, on level and achievable. She moved clouds and paved a way toward sunshine.

Reader Review

Kim's book is a bit whimsical and carefree but tackles tough emotions and real life situations. Her methods for growing and improving are simple and straightforward. She approaches others with kindness, love and tenderness and is always encouraging. She is sensitive and funny and she just sort of sparkles.

Reader Review

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