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Book Cover for: The Best Kind of War, T. E. Hennefer

The Best Kind of War

T. E. Hennefer

Civilian contractors have frequently played an important role in American military operations. George Washington hired civilians to haul the Continental Army's equipment; supply vendors followed the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Indeed, today's military recognizes the use of civilian contractors as a force multiplier in stabilization efforts. Although sometimes expensive, contractors are capable of supplying immediate expertise and manpower much more rapidly than the military can grow subject matter experts.

With the establishment of the modern state as the primary organization responsible for the protection of its citizens and territory, the relationship or covenant between the state and its citizens, has remain fairly constant; to assure the peace, the population relied on the state to protect them and in exchange for this safeguard, the population relinquished some of their personal autonomy for that of a larger governing body. This association has remained the primary relationship for hundreds of years, whereby the people provided the state with the resources it needs to provide for the common defense, and the state held on to the monopoly as the single authority entitled to wage war. Modern events have irrevocable and indelibly altered that relationship.

The best kind of war, (if in fact they exist), are those that are quick, brutal and decisive. The best kind of war addresses an immediate threat that leaves no doubt who the enemy is, what their objectives are, and what it will take to defeat them. The best kind of war strikes the enemy with the brutality of overwhelming firepower thus leaving them weak, confused, disorganized and vulnerable. The best kind of war is decisive with no doubt about the outcome, or who the victor is.

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