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Book Cover for: The Bible of Bobism: Book I & II Easing into the Night & Easing Into the Sequel, Joe Paul Vanhaverbeke

The Bible of Bobism: Book I & II Easing into the Night & Easing Into the Sequel

Joe Paul Vanhaverbeke

Epiphanies are few and far between, a juxtaposition bringing things together in a way hard to deny, its intent to allow the recipient something they hadn't, or wouldn't, have put together themselves.

Fate and the gods were vehicles sourced by Shakespeare and Homer employed to allow influence and reflection. In my version, three old hags boiling toil and trouble have been consolidated into an individual who sits at the tiller of his conveyance making course corrections as the universe passes through his plane, guiding it through the seconds, minutes, and hours of time as the future becomes the present and transitions to the past.

Our play, timewise, begins with the curse of immortality placed on a 90-year-old man, Bob, Fate allowing his hold card time to gain substance for an upcoming convergence in the year 2222. 10,000 years pass before a second player is added, Archie, the detective assigned to Bob's case, finding himself with an immortal perp.

Bob is the one who allows Archie his epiphany, a solid like no other, to see the error of his ways, the treatment of his wife, Rose, but not until she is on her deathbed. He wasn't a bad man, but his age and technology created a bitter one that leaked into everything around him, Rose a victim by proximity.

A friendship develops and carries into The Sequel on Mars 200 years later where five gods displace all the previous ones, Bob a key factor.

During Rose's easing, Archie makes a pledge to find the WABAC Machine, to go back and make things right by her, and his journey finds legs in The Sequel, its whereabouts located on Mars through a set of events arranged by Fate with a purpose in mind.

The Night is an urban fantasy whose end transforms into fantasy, The Sequel an eclectic series of sci-fi and fantasy events needed to move things to Archie's desired end.

Please note that every god that has ever existed is in my story, but not all of them have speaking parts.

The table of contents shows a progression of events by way of chapters, an insight into its making:

Easing Into the Night
An Introduction to Easing
Nurse Washington's First Day on the Job Goes to Hell in a Handbasket
And Then Came Archie
Archie's Investigation Introduces a Reality Shift
Interview with the Immortal
The Captain: Archie's Arch-Nemesis
Archie's Realization that Rose's Life was no Bed of Roses
The Agony and the Ecstasy
Bob has a WTF Moment in the Hoosegow
Bob's Cell Mates Come to the Rescue
Archie and the Captain Part Ways
Bob Ain't in Kansas Anymore
Bob Returns for a Changing of the Guard
Bob's Promotion is the Death of Him
The Story of Bob
Easing Into the Sequel
The Beginning-Bob
Musk City, Mars, 2222 hundred, February 22, 2222
The First is the Hardest
Archie and the Car Computer, James
The Memory Stick
And the Gods come Together
Jack and Bob Compare Notes
The Beginning-Archie
The Beginning-James
The Beginning-HAL
Jack Gives Heaven a Redo
Archie's Immortality Dilemma
An Introduction to Fate
The Big Bang Tale or Fate Makes His Entrance
The Manipulation of Minutia and The WABAC Machine
Fate Takes a Break
Archie's Easing or Frostbite Falls Mourns a Hero
The Story of Archie
Note: The WABAC Machine Invoice
Fate's Encore
Where Do Gods Go When They Die


Joe Paul

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Aug 7th, 2023
  • Pages: 158
  • Language: English
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  • Categories: Fantasy - Urban