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Book Cover for: The Biology of Politics and Golden Billion Theory, Ravikumar Kurup

The Biology of Politics and Golden Billion Theory

Ravikumar Kurup
The homo sapiens basically evolved in Africa and the African continent is populated by this human species. The homo sapiens migrated to Europe and the Middle-East and intermingled as well as mated with the homo neanderthalis species producing a hybrid species. This homo neanderthalis-homo sapien hybrid populates most of Europe, Eurasia, China and Japan. The homo sapiens owing to enlarged frontal cortex were capable of creative fictional imagination. The homo sapien-homo neanderthalic hybrids civilization conquered the world and became the dominant species on the earth. The Shudras of India, the Jews of Israel, Muslims of Middle-East, the Celts of Europe, Australian Aboriginals, Maoris and the Native South American Indians. The homo sapien-homo neanderthalic hybrids of Europe and Eurasia were the Aryan population. This can be deciphered from the population behaviour. The Nazi mediated holocaust of Jews, the Islamophobia in Europe and upper caste Indians and the racial discrimination as denoted by the caste system against the Shudras in India are examples of it. All the genocides can be traced to these species difference

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