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Book Cover for: The Blood of the Dragon, Sotonye Tomwest

The Blood of the Dragon

Sotonye Tomwest

A long time ago, in a land far different from the one you know lived a strange, mysterious, and mystical world, where creatures of all kinds roamed the earth but among all those creatures that walked the earth one stood apart from all the rest and they were the dragon warriors. Dragon warriors were beings that looked human but possessed the powers of the mystical and powerful dragon. In all the land, among all the creatures that roamed both land, air, and sea there was nothing quite like a dragon warrior. Five kinds of dragon warriors existed in the world back then, the fire dragon warriors who could command and control flames hot enough to melt solid steel, the earth dragon warriors who possessed the strength and raw power of the earth itself, the water dragon warriors who could command and control water including the seas, rivers and oceans, the air dragon warriors who could command the full fury of the wind, and finally the most powerful of all dragon warriors, the golden dragon warrior. Unlike the other dragon warriors only one golden dragon warrior existed within a generation and the power of a golden dragon warrior could not be rivaled by any other dragon warrior as the golden dragon had the power to command and control all the four elements, fire, water, earth and air but the golden dragon also possessed the golden energy, a form of power greater than every other power that existed in the land. The golden dragon warrior was said to be a warrior of peace and for many years maintain peace and prosperity in all lands but all that changed when the Dark Dragon Lord arrived.No one knew who he was or where he came from; all they knew about him was the terrifying power he possessed. A dragon warrior unlike any other before him, the Dark Dragon Lord was the title given to him not just because of the immense power he possessed but the fear he inspired within the heart of everyone he came across. Not only could he control all four elements like the golden dragon warrior but he also possessed dark energy, a form of power that could only corrupt and destroy. The golden dragon warrior was the only one who could match the power of Dark Dragon Lord as the Dark Dragon Lord's immense power was enough to overwhelm and destroy any other dragon warrior that dared to face him. The Dark Dragon Lord led an army of dragon warriors who called themselves the dark dragon warriors and with his army, he roamed the land conquering nation after nation, and even the golden dragon warrior was enough to stop him and his of army dark dragon warriors. It took the combined effort of four dragon warriors, one of fire, one of earth, one of air, and one of water alongside the golden dragon warrior to stop the Dark Dragon Lord and his army of dark dragon warriors from conquering all the nations of the world but their victory did not come without a great loss. The golden dragon warrior, Ibierana, had lost her life during the final battle against the Dark Dragon Lord and since it was believed that she didn't have a child to pass on the power of the golden dragon it seemed as though the era of the golden dragon would end with her and there would not any of golden dragon warrior after her. She gave her life for peace and to free the world from the Dark Dragon Lord's control. The four dragon warriors who fought by her side made sure her sacrifice was not in vain and fought to keep and maintain the peace the golden dragon warrior gave her life for. But the battle was not over, even with the Dark Dragon Lord defeated, lurking in the shadows, hiding, and waiting for the perfect time to strike was a great evil that was preparing to finish the work the Dark Dragon Lord started.

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Mar 22nd, 2024
  • Pages: 512
  • Language: English
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  • Categories: Fantasy - Dragons & Mythical Creatures