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Book Cover for: The Body-Mind-World Connection: Rethinking Illness and Wellness, Freudian Trips

The Body-Mind-World Connection: Rethinking Illness and Wellness

Freudian Trips

Discover a revolutionary approach to health and healing that goes beyond pills and procedures. In The Body-Mind-World Connection - Rethinking Illness and Wellness, we explore the groundbreaking Biopsychosocial Model, a framework developed by Dr. George Engel, which recognizes the interconnectedness of our biology, psychology, and social environment in shaping our health and wellbeing.
This comprehensive guide dives into:
  • The Building Blocks of Health: Understand how genetics, your nervous system, immunity, and biochemistry contribute to your health picture.
  • The Mind's Influence: Explore how stress, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs profoundly impact your physical health
  • The Impact of Your World: Learn how socioeconomic factors, culture, family dynamics, support systems, and trauma play a role in your overall wellbeing.
  • Healing in Action: Discover real-life case studies showcasing how the Biopsychosocial Model is used to treat chronic pain, heart disease, mental health conditions, and addiction.
  • Empowerment for Patients: Gain the knowledge to become an active partner in your healthcare and advocate for treatment plans that target the root causes of your health issues.
  • The Future of Healthcare: Learn about the Biopsychosocial Model's potential to transform the healthcare system with interdisciplinary care, holistic approaches, and a focus on prevention.
Whether you're a patient seeking greater understanding of your health journey or a healthcare professional looking to expand your practice, The Body-Mind-World Connection - Rethinking Illness and Wellness offers a powerful toolkit for fostering true, lasting well

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  • Publish Date: Mar 21st, 2024
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