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Book Cover for: The Book. [Biblotzawit Ept.]EEE3: The Bevetshrotete'eptabrute Et.EEE3, Aegeleot Aegeleon

The Book. [Biblotzawit Ept.]EEE3: The Bevetshrotete'eptabrute Et.EEE3

Aegeleot Aegeleon

To Shandor. A worthy one, to the mevolance found in here, and through they, to another. And enter into PUD, as the Goetga Zedfa TEDEEP: Gritigalitkitzawitpit. SETEB

To find in you, the where to you, the human ontrat to your hand, and what it is to possess at all in hand, at why you all are.

To know wholly to the sanctity of you, is that a differing mantra to your entity, is in iew to you, is that a reason to know and daily come to you, in the entirety of you, is said soulful to the endearing manner to you. [AE]

To what you are, in the horrifying mantra to never allow peaceful end to your way to a war, and comfort to solute that a prison is not for you, and that all there will be, is to you, is that a shame in you, is never through you in meant way to know at all, why you are at peace, and no more, soldier. [UT]

To when to be a sojourn to a number of being surreal to you and fathom as to the nature of suffering in them, is said to believe in you a total famine in compassion, and find in you, a rested head to know that surely there is your house, and family to you. [OT]

To way to your here and there, to your finer addressed way through your heart, are the wilt of a flower, said to comfort you, at the diary at your hand, and found within you, to symbolically compensate at what elders endear to their last lipped love to you, and see in you that a wilting flower are the last of your kin. [OE]

In the person you are, is there never a numbering to your soul, and within the reason there will be not, is that a person is not a burden to a number in them, because of what God said to make them, but that a will to know of numbering of soul, is said to be in the nature to sojourn persons, at the way to know who they are in justifying to society, importance, is through you so. [AE]

In the real identity to you, is there said a soul to you, is that a soul is not a shoe piece, and not a piece of mortal flesh, or immortal embodiment, and never disfigured is the soul, and not more is it than just a ring, to someone to know image to, beyond the embodiment at you, and thoughts to you. [AE]

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