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Book Cover for: The Bully, Wiley K. March

The Bully

Wiley K. March

Carissa Locke's tumultuous life, marred by abandonment and abuse, reaches a critical juncture as she faces an investigation into the aggravated assault of her lifelong friend Danielle. Behind Carissa's hardened exterior lies a vulnerable soul, shaped by manipulations, violent acts, and the quest for justice that may be intertwined with personal motives. The narrative unravels the complex web of her relationships, losses, and the haunting influence of those who once supported her. Carissa grapples with the ghosts of her past, questioning whether their love and lessons are enough to save her from a destiny that seems set on her demise. Seeking deliverance and forgiveness, she embarks on a soul-searching journey, confronting the rage that once served as her survival tool. As Danielle lies on the brink of death, Carissa implores forgiveness, unraveling shocking secrets beneath Danielle's facade. The story unfolds as Carissa battles the bully within herself, realizing that the most formidable adversary is the one staring back in the mirror.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Bookside Press
  • Publish Date: Dec 11st, 2023
  • Pages: 320
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.72in - 0.77lb
  • EAN: 9781778832260
  • Categories: Abuse - GeneralBullying

About the Author

March, Wiley K.: - Wiley K. March, CEO, Author, Public Speaker, and Victim Advocate, is a dynamic and inspiring figure known for her impactful work in empowering survivors. With a compelling personal journey, Wiley has become a powerful voice in the fight against abuse, human trafficking, and mental health crises. Growing up amidst constant travel and familial challenges, Wiley discovered her love for storytelling at an early age. Inspired by her junior high school creative writing teacher, she began crafting elaborate stories, drawing inspiration from the experiences of those around her. Although initially considering a career in journalism, Wiley's desire to make a direct impact led her to teaching and volunteering with troubled youth. However, the call of the blank page persisted, pulling her back into writing. Her books, spanning several genres, are imbued with a profound sense of truth as characters face moral dilemmas and wrestle with internal and external struggles. Currently based in New York City, Wiley is the driving force behind Tiamberus Network, LLC, a company dedicated to helping survivors of trauma and trafficking. Through public speaking engagements, she addresses critical issues surrounding child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and the long-term psychological effects endured by survivors. As a thirteen-year survivor who fought for 38 years to free herself from abuse and trafficking, Wiley brings both personal experience and professional expertise to her work. Her commitment to self-education and introspection equips her with invaluable tools to help survivors build a new life. Wiley actively engages with her audience through her blog at her company's website, offering captivating stories and insights on survival and the importance of taking action. Connect with her personally on social media: Instagram (@wileykmarch), Twitter (@wiley_march), Facebook (@wiley.march.54), and TikTok (@wileykmarch). Wiley K. March's remarkable resilience, combined with her captivating storytelling and dedication to advocating for change, continues to inspire individuals worldwide. By sharing her experiences and fostering dialogue, she invites others to join her in creating a safer, more compassionate world for survivors.
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