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Book Cover for: The Chronicles of Alexander and Twilight: A Kingdom Reunited, Vk H

The Chronicles of Alexander and Twilight: A Kingdom Reunited

Vk H

The Quest for the Kingdom's Heart is an enchanting tale of courage, friendship, and the battle between light and darkness. When Alexander, a brave young warrior, embarks on a journey to save his kingdom, he encounters Twilight, the illusive and mystical dragon. Together, they form a powerful alliance as they navigate through enchanted forests, treacherous mountain passes, and the dark sorcerer's labyrinthine lair.

As they forge ahead, Alexander and Twilight learn the importance of unity and the strength of their bond. Along the way, they are joined by Amelia, a spirited princess, who brings hope and determination to their quest. Facing riddles, ancient sphinxes, and a city of lost souls, their journey becomes a true test of wits and courage.

In the climactic final chapters, Alexander, Twilight, and Amelia confront the dark sorcerer in a battle that will determine the fate of their kingdom. Will their unity and the power of their friendship be enough to triumph over the darkness and reunite their kingdom? Find out in Dragon's Embrace: The Quest for the Kingdom's Heart, a timeless story of bravery, love, and the power of unity.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Apr 4th, 2023
  • Pages: 88
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.18in - 0.25lb
  • EAN: 9798390122211
  • Categories: Action & Adventure