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Book Cover for: The Chronicles of Arax Book Four: The Making of a King, Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax Book Four: The Making of a King

Benjamin Sanford

Chronicles of Arax Book 4: The Making of a King

"The duties of a royal consort require your presence at all times, especially after you are first wed, where you are formally presented to the realm. She has returned without you and with child. Tongues will whisper," Corry explained.

"Maybe she should've asked me before starting all of this!" Raven growled.

"Yes, that would have been preferable but does not change the problem at hand."

"I don't understand the problem. Is she in trouble for marrying me?"

"Yes. Perhaps you could show her a little understanding for she risks much by wedding a man who is wholly unsuited for that role."

"Unsuited? You think I'm not good enough for her? I'm the one who's settling here. There's plenty of princesses in this world but only one me."

--Raven on his journey to Bansoch

The saga continues with Terin trapped by the cruel Darna, 3rd guardian of the Federation, laboring as a slave on her vast estate, desperate to escape before her wicked plans for him come to fruition. His hopes are renewed by the visions gifted him by Yah, his freedom resting on following the deity's divine guidance over his own inclinations. Will he follow his will or his own desire for vengeance?

Across Arax, Princess Corry places her hopes of rescuing Terin in the mercurial Captain Raven and his motley band of misfits, a diverse crew that are dangerously independent, unpredictable, and mischievous. Can they do the impossible and save the man she loves before she loses him forever?

Cronus finds himself sailing into battle, entrusted with Terin's sword, his heart heavy with the death of Kato and believing Terin perished at Carapis. With another war upon him, he is torn between his duty to his crown prince and his need to tell his one last friend of Kato's demise.

At Fera, Tyro broods on the setbacks in Yatin and the desperate condition of his legions at Notsu, their tenuous supply trains strained by rebellion sweeping his eastern provinces. Obsessed with finding his lost son and retrieving his other promised heir born of his daughter, he sets bold plans into action, plans that shall either give him what he desires or destroy his familial bonds forever.

At Notsu, Morac plans to renew his assault upon Corell with the coming spring. With his current legions and the massive reinforcements the emperor is sending to aid him, he turns his eye upon Tro to help provision his vast host, its harbor essential to his survival.

Along the Macon Border, Prince Lorn embarks upon a bold plan to relieve the siege of Sawyer. His triumph in Yatin feels more pyrrhic with the loss of Terin and Kato, tempering his spirit. With the 4th Army still withdrawing from Yatin, he leads the 1st into battle in the other direction, risking his men, his realm, and his very life to bring the Macon Empire to heel before they can regroup to destroy him. Beset with conflicts in the west and now the south, Lorn learns to trust in Yah's divine guidance to carry him to victory, needing to secure Torry South before Morac renews his assault in the north. He can only claim his birthright if he triumphs in the south and returns to Corell to sit its vacant throne. His audacious plan will bring him to ruin or make him a king.

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  • Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
  • Publish Date: Mar 27th, 2023
  • Pages: 528
  • Language: English
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  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.18in - 1.69lb
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  • Categories: Fantasy - Epic