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Book Cover for: The Chronicles of Dark Matter Man, Tom Mayer

The Chronicles of Dark Matter Man

Tom Mayer

The idea for Dark Matter Man began outside a store at a gasoline pump. I got into a conversation with a man about superheroes. Once he found out that I was an author he commented, "You know Tom, all the superheroes from other planets are white, and being a black man, that has never sat well with me. Why can't black people be from other planets as well?"

I replied, "Let's see if I can do something about that, and make a change. I never thought about it but after listening to guess that you are correct."We shook hands and departed own separate ways. This is where the idea of Dark Matter Man was birthed. Also, it begins in another parallel universe other than our own, but ends up on planet Earth.

To develop Dark Matter Man, I looked towards Africa because in ancient times, the African people had mathematics, geometry, astronomy, science, architecture, advanced stone African, people they even had advanced irrigation systems, and their societies rivaled the ones in Europe However, slavery destroyed most of the knowledge, where the youth have little knowledge about them This helped me develop the world of Centurion. It took a similar demise just as Africa.

In the story, I brought up how Dark Matter Man's contempt for the Primordus, while being dominated, subjected to their harsh treatment. He was ordered about without regard of for his own life. One can identify with the status quo that still exists in our own society today, and his contempt. Writing Dark Matter Man, I made sure that he faced the same challenges that an African American, in our society would face today. This helped me bring this story to reality by him identifying with his distaste for authority on both worlds.

Next, developing the villain in the story, the Primordus, their concept came from Africanized Honey Bees because they were accidentally released and still wreak havoc. They were created as a deadly mistake by a well-intended scientist. The exact very same problem happened when the Primordus were created. They were created to better utilize the brightest sun on their own planet but the experiment went awfully wrong, and they decimated the Derum.

In the story the Primordus enslaved the Derum, stole their technology, and viead them as insignificant, and utilized them the same way we utilize cows, and chickens in our own society InFother words, they took over and destroyed his people for their own benefit. Also, developing the Primordus, I believe that humans are not the baddest thing out in the universe, so we better watch out.

He finds an ancient computer that creates him into a superhero, where he battles with the Primordus, eventually destroys them. In the process his execution ship goes into a black hole, fluke it travels into a series worm holes, and finally ends up on Earth. On Earth some people help him, and others want to destroy him, but overall, he rids planet Earth of the Primordus, including another deadly enemy that they released in order to get an last word I hope that you enjoy The Chronicles of Dark Matter Man.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Book Writing Pioneer
  • Publish Date: Nov 29th, 2023
  • Pages: 234
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10.00in - 7.00in - 0.56in - 1.38lb
  • EAN: 9798869033956
  • Categories: African American & Black - GeneralScience Fiction - Space Opera