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Book Cover for: The College Guidebook: Biology & Chemistry Degree Programs: University Profiles & Admissions Information, Rachel Winston

The College Guidebook: Biology & Chemistry Degree Programs: University Profiles & Admissions Information

Rachel Winston

This all-encompassing, full-color, image-filled book provides a valuable college admissions resource. Included in the 338 pages are lists of summer programs, contests, scholarships, testing, internships, rankings, and fun facts. More than fifty profiled university programs provide valuable information. Questions students and parents commonly ask are answered regarding applications, financial aid, career prospects, and alternative fields.

There is no other resource like this anywhere. This informative college guidebook contains everything you need to know about college admissions for your future in the innovative and immersive worlds of biology and chemistry. The skills you learn are transferrable to numerous other fields. Inspired by my STEM-bound students, I created this book to help students pursue their passions.

A special section highlights BS/MD, BS/DO, BS/DMD, and BS/DVM programs. Since health, wellness, and medicine catapulted to the top of many people's consciousness during the pandemic, these lucrative programs offer direct entry medical options for highly academic students who are committed to pursuing medicine.

Medicine, energy, technology, security, food, and clothing drive scientific advancement in our society. From atomic and cellular discoveries to consumer-ready scalable innovations, biologists and chemists provide the building blocks of products we purchase every day. Majoring in biology and chemistry provides an essential foundation for nearly any scientific career you may pursue.

Today, labs once closed to researchers during the lockdown reopened for experimentation as new ideas percolated in scientist's minds. This transformation continues at a rapid pace, enhanced by artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Emerging holographic tools, improved scanning, and tinier devices offer new understandings of organ function, neural networks, and cell signaling. Scientists improve life and livelihoods across the globe.

This college guidebook describes the ins and outs of biology and chemistry, aiding students in their admission to college. Any student considering biology or chemistry should read this book packed with insights and admissions information!

A STEM degree offers a ticket to an intriguing career and financial opportunity. Yet, admission to competitive programs remains difficult. Learn how to prepare, apply, and succeed in your quest with the information contained in this book. Comb through this book of tips, tools, and university profiles.

STEM-focused students with diverse talents will help society overcome today's unprecedented challenges. Motivated and inspired to change the future, scientists are on the front lines of hope and possibility.

Present your skills to admissions committees for a coveted spot. Produce an application that captivates decision-makers, infusing your unique talents. Look through these pages for colleges that will take you on your journey toward a future in biology and chemistry.

This book was written by Dr. Rachel Winston, an award-winning author and full-time faculty member of the year. Dr. Winston has published more than two dozen books in her 35+ years as an educator. She served as a chemist, research scientist, mathematician, quality control analyst, college professor, department chair, and college counselor.

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  • Publisher: Lizard Publishing
  • Publish Date: Nov 16th, 2023
  • Pages: 338
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.21in - 6.14in - 0.92in - 1.40lb
  • EAN: 9781946432940
  • Categories: Counseling - Academic DevelopmentProfessional Development
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