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Book Cover for: The Coming War with China: A Semi-Fictional Future, Harry I. Nimon Dba

The Coming War with China: A Semi-Fictional Future

Harry I. Nimon Dba

War is coming again to the Pacific. It is coming for the same reasons is came in 1941. Then, Japan was a close friend and trading partner to the United States. Japan was growing rapidly into the strongest economic power in that part of the world. However, they had three major domestic problems: a lack of natural resources that others had, a huge population growing beyond their ability to manage, and the power of the United States to dictate what they did. To resolve first two, they had to limit the third. China is now in the same position. President Obama's apologetic approach to international relations allowed China to limit American power by asking for and receiving nearly any negotiation terms they desired, pushing America into deep debtor status with China holding the IOU's. Under President Trump, the tide has dramatically turned. In 1941, to limit the power of the United States in the Pacific, the Japanese sent a fleet to Pearl Harbor to cripple the US Pacific Fleet. They failed. China learned from this major mistake, or so they believe. China is now implementing a plan for doing something similar with the goal of achieving the same end with the nuclear threat of North Korea aimed at Hawaii. The "mistaken" missile alert, given how the alert is triggered and the immediate demands of certain politicians there, make it obvious that "this was no drill." Rather, it is a message to America. They believe they can hand President Trump, and the allies, a fait accompli; and it is obvious for those willing to open their eyes to the facts. China is telling America to obey or face another, nuclear Pearl Harbor. Unbelievable? Only if one decides to ignore the signs that are there for all to see. In the 1930's America ignored the signs in Europe and the western Pacific and the China Seas right up to December 7th, 1941. History is repeating itself in the same locations and for the same reasons; resources, empire, and global control. In the Intelligence Community, there is a process known as OSINT or open source intelligence where an analyst establishes a hypothesis, then begins to develop indications of whether the hypothesis is valid or not. Using open sources, the analyst evaluates the information, the sources, the statements by governments and the actions by those same governments to develop a picture or scenario. This work is such a scenario of the South China Sea, and it is a scary one as it points directly to the events of 70 years ago to the actions of today with perfect accuracy.

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  • Publisher: Xlibris Us
  • Publish Date: Mar 15th, 2018
  • Pages: 394
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.00in - 1.61lb
  • EAN: 9781543480320
  • Categories: Future Studies

About the Author

Dr. Nimon has been teaching at Henley-Putnam University since 2011 and is known as one of the most outgoing, dedicated, and committed instructors the university currently has as part of its faculty per several of their Deans. His level of energy, dedication to creating an optimal curriculum, and subject matter expertise is certainly among the best faculty of Henley Putnam. Moreover, Harry, as he prefers to be called, actively seeks to remain current in the field, develop new and critical skills, and remain active in the field of instruction. Dr. Nimon currently teaches courses in both the Masters and Doctoral degree programs and has been awarded various accolades for his abilities in instruction and research. He teaches courses in research, analysis, protection, and serves on many theses and dissertation committees, providing expert guidance and mentoring of graduate students. In addition to these areas, he has become among the most important doctoral degree professors, leading students to the highest degree of research and analysis. His students literally come from all parts of the world and walks of life from members of the United Nations Global Security Division to various international intelligence organizations. This book is an example of this skill set as is his text book, Offensive and Defensive Security published by Xlibris in 2013. He is currently working a three-volume memoir on a man who spent 8 years in deep cover in the 70's and 80's in Iran. This man became known to many of the tribes there as the Lawrence of Persia and was so respected by the Tribes and hated by the Soviets, that the KGB murdered his pregnant wife while she was in a supposedly safe MI6 hospital (safe enough for the Queen of England) and placed a $250,000 in gold bounty on him. The murderers were actually KGB moles within MI6 and senior members at that. The volume containing this information is completed and is undergoing final editing for release later this year. The title will be: The Young Officer: An American Lawrence and His British Wife in the Zagros Mountains of Iran.