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Book Cover for: The concept of justice in Islam, Ghunaima Habeeb Ismail

The concept of justice in Islam

Ghunaima Habeeb Ismail

Justice is one of the essential features of Islam. It has about considerably different responses in various comnnunities.

We have discussed some of these responses and their theoretical foundations. The present study is divided into five

chapters. The first chapter deals with the definition of justice in general. In view of the fact that Muslim philosophers had been

influenced with Greek Philosophy, we have therefore delineated the concept of justice in Greek Philosophy. We have also

discussed the meaning and significance of justice in Christianity. It has been done to clearly bring out the inverse

relation between the two. Having retained the reformative, Islam has also propounded a different theory of justice which

takes into account the reformative and the retributive both. The second chapter deals with the definition of justice in

Islam and also describes the views on justice of the various schools of the early Islam. We have focused herein on the

Khawarij, Murjia, Jabriya and Qadariyah.

The third chapter deals with the justice explained in the later schools of Islamic Philosophy. We have deliberated here

on the rationalistic point of view of indeterminism. Besides the Mutazilah we have also included Farabi as the representative of rationalist thinkers. It has been concluded on the discussion of orthodox Ashariyah determinism. With its representative

thinkers, like, Baqilani, Al-Ghazzali, Abdu, etc. We have also discussed Shiah interpretation of justice which is an

intermediary between the Mutazilah and the Ashariyah.

The subsequent chapter discusses the modern Islamic philosophers who have deliberated on justice: such as, Shariati,

Mutahhari and Qutb, etc. In the conclusion we have explained our point of view. The Purpose of the study is to bring out various point of views of important schools of Muslim Philosophy together and to make the assessment as to which of them has represented the basic idea of justice. The schools of Muslim Philosophy have worked either the influence of Greek philosophy or orthodox Islam. The Modern philosophers like Mutahhari and Shariati have emphasized the social significance of justice, and they have given their ideal method

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