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Book Cover for: The Connoisseur's Manual to Coffee Tasting: Navigating the Diverse Universe of Specialty Coffee, Marcus Elijah

The Connoisseur's Manual to Coffee Tasting: Navigating the Diverse Universe of Specialty Coffee

Marcus Elijah

Just imagine the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans permeating the air and encouraging you to take a sip from that cup, from which every sip unravels stories of faraway places, dedicated farmers, and culture steeped in centuries. That is exactly how Marcus Elijah describes it in "The Connoisseur's Manual to Coffee Tasting: Navigating the Diverse Universe of Specialty Coffee." It begins at a point to which you are transported before chapter one even begins.

From the high, terraced coffee farms of Ethiopia to the lush valleys of Colombia, Marcus is on a caffeine-fueled obsession to find the greatest bean, make experimental methods of brewing, and finish off the coffee experience: inventive additives. In it, he imparts his knowledge of coffee and his love for it in such a way that one is led through every page as if the author were right around the corner, eager to share with an old friend his newest discovery.

Throughout each chapter, Marcus takes you by the hand with determination into the richness of history which is its reason. The reader learns how this magical bean entered from emperors to commoners and wove cultures and continents to become the global phenomenon it is today.

When you read on into "The World of Coffee Beans," you might as well be able to taste the difference between a sun-dried Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and its wet-processed counterpart from Sumatra Mandheling. In addition to facts, Marcus provides personal stories of the farmers, communities, and landscapes that make each bean different.

Then comes the alchemy of turning beans into brew. In "From Beans to Brew" and "Brewing Methods," Marcus leads you. In one, the daily ritual of brewing is turned into an art form. To explore more, he encourages experimentation and thought on methods from traditional drip to exotic AeroPress that produces your own perfect cup.

Their chapter headings, from "The Art of Coffee Tasting" through "The Coffee Flavor Wheel," will transform you from the casual coffee drinker to the experienced connoisseur, as you pick up in your coffee the subtlety of chocolate, the sharpness of citrus, even the earthiness of nuts.

But Marcus's journey with you doesn't stop at taste. From "the art of pairing food with coffee," he goes on to take that experience a notch above, where he leads you to perfecting the art of pairing up the rich flavors of coffee with culinary delights to celebrate every meal.

The new spirit of the chapter is serious, as Marcus goes into "Ethical Coffee Consumption," reminding the reader again of the power of his or her dollar. This really is a call to arms for one to become not just a supporter of such ethical, sustainable coffee practices but to directly be a part of the solution by doing that simply which can very possibly influence others as well.

For coffee enthusiasts turned fanatics, there is an introductory course for "Home Roasting." Here, one can have a try at their own signature blends and completion profiles.

When you close that last page of "The Connoisseur's Guide to Coffee Tasting," you get the feeling that this book is not quite like a book but something akin to a passport into a world where every cup of coffee is a trip in itself, and every sip becomes a journey. Marcus Elijah does not teach something concerning coffee only, but opens before you the whole passion for every individual's life, acquaints you with people who find joy and actualized relationships through meanings that they create during the pursuit of an ideal cup. The invitation is meant to unveil a whole new area in you on how to see and appreciate coffee. Welcome to the whole new world which is an enchanting and wonderful one at the same time.

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