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Book Cover for: The Dark Side of The Internet: Uncovering Data and Privacy, Telly Frias Jr

The Dark Side of The Internet: Uncovering Data and Privacy

Telly Frias Jr

This book features the basic fundamentals of online privacy and networking. It reviews some useful tools used to maintain data privacy and how to navigate on a secure network while also discussing some of the market trends for businesses. Moreover, this book recommends specific layers of cyber security that you can add onto your operating system and/or device.Some Topics Include: Wi-Fi vulnerability, Pen-Testing and Cryptocurrencies etc.This book is the second part of a series of computer books published by Telly Frias Jr.Book One "Cybersecurity: On Threats Surfing the Internet and Social Media"Everything that is connected to the internet possesses a wireless communication medium that has advantages as well as drawbacks. Without a doubt, a lof of things are happening today in the world of cybersecurity and the educated consumer is becoming increasingly aware of theses issues. Clicking on links, visiting certain websites put us at risk of being targeted for scams and theft. Much of the internet and e-commerce industry is controlled by ad revenue and every user on the web is targeted on a consumer basis. With such great power and responsibility there is way to use tools to add to your online privacy. In this book we have covered platforms that can allow you to use defensive as well as offensive strategies when navigating on the web from your device. We've talked about how to disguise links as well as how to trace those same URLs. Finding a user's location is an integral part of building reconnaisssance. A Virtual Private Network allows you to browse the web privately. At the same time, running a virtual machine on your device such as Virtual Box adds an extra layer of security to your devices as well. A computer within a computer. Moreover, we have identified robocalling and online scams as main issues regarding fradulent activity on the web.

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Jan 19th, 2020
  • Pages: 96
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798601294225
  • Categories: Virtual & Augmented Reality