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Book Cover for: The Desert's Charge, Shogun Services

The Desert's Charge

Shogun Services

Book 3 of the Jepsward Sea Trilogy is here! After a harsh winter battle to save the jarldom of Hemmigatr in Hjaalren and take down Lyle Petrov, Ryland Legato and Kaito Otani of the Frontier Okami head for the desert country of Durassa to pursue and take down Boswick Beaumont, one of the saboteurs from the Turidian IHB exam. Along the way, they have found a new friend in Leila Torgasdottir, a swordsmaiden-turned-aspiring IHB bounty hunter to join their team. Together, the trio has discovered that their remaining mark belongs to the most dangerous criminal organization in the Jepsward Sea. For such a huge hunt ahead, Ryland, Kaito, and Leila stand greatly outnumbered. That is, until they reunite with La Bastione of the Decade Seven!

Bettis Yaren and Donna Alma had been hard at work whittling down the organizations lesser members with guerilla-style hunts and have their backs against the wall, along with the rest of the city of Burja, and soon to be Durassa as a whole. When the Frontier Okami join, the two teams join forces in their first official special team hunt and give each other a better slim fighting chance against the group of brigands!

Despite the five united as one major tag team, taking on Hackshot's organization still proves to be an arduous task as the organization has sunk their reach deep into the society of the capital city of Burja. Many people from all levels of society may or may not be a friend or foe, paid off by the group. Coupled with the desert's intense heat and four top officers of the group to boot, what's a banded together team of bounty hunters to do? Draw allies to their hunt and turn the tide to an even battle!

Follow the IHB rookies as they put their names on the map as serious contenders for the world ahead with the conclusion of the Jepsward Sea Trilogy! A game of cat and house. Subterfuge within society. A desperate struggle to liberate the long-oppressed people of a city. A strange vagabond. A massive sand whale beast. The power of teamwork and strength in numbers. A national treasure on the line. An all-out wild chase across the blazing hot desert. And a riveting clash of forces atop a sand ship to bring down the organization once and for all.

The members Frontier Okami and La Bastione will find out that it is best to keep friends close, and enemies closer as they work together, rally allies and friends alike, and bring the fight to Hackshot and his group in what will be one of the most renowned battles and hunts that the Jepsward Sea will ever speak of!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Dec 8th, 2021
  • Pages: 404
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.90in - 1.30lb
  • EAN: 9798780950233
  • Categories: Fantasy - General