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Book Cover for: The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality, Helena Lind

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality

Helena Lind

Humanity has never been more vulnerable, imperiled, and in need of evoking a uniting awareness than now.

How about the seminal cosmic blueprint that has shaped cultural identities and codified faiths since the dawn of civilization? Which foundational force is synonymous with our universal quest for human purpose? What is the metaphysical paradigm deeply ingrained in the human experience from antiquity to modernity, transcending all boundaries?

Destiny. With a capital D.

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality traces this enigmatic phenomenon from its origins across epochs, cultures, and theological traditions to unveil its enduring impact and necessity.

From ancient mythology to contemporary science, Destiny, fate, and related notions like karma, fortune, and determinism have set the tone for ethics, religions, and ideas of free will.

The Destiny Book offers a fresh perspective on the history of this timeless concept and its lasting significance for the human spirit-while challenging hubris, complacency, and common wisdom. It shows why uncounted millions of people worldwide say every day, "It's Destiny."

Book Details

  • Publisher: Identity Publications
  • Publish Date: Jan 17th, 2024
  • Pages: 310
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.65in - 0.92lb
  • EAN: 9781945884801
  • Categories: Free Will & DeterminismSpiritualityAncient - General

About the Author

Lind, Helena: - Helena Lind is an independent thinker and the creator of Destinosophy-her modern philosophy of a prosperous, partnering Human Destiny. The unconventional producer-turned-writer's views flow from a wide spectrum of life experience, her stoic overcoming of significant serial challenges, and decades of self-directed study.
Diehl, Gregory V.: - Gregory V. Diehl understands the transformative power of the right book in the right hands. He writes with the hopes that his work will make its way to those who need it: deep thinkers unsatisfied with ordinary approaches to important subjects. His work often deconstructs and challenges cultural narratives that keep people from establishing and embodying who they really are. When he's not writing, Gregory offers alternative education and mentorship informed by his wealth of diverse cultural experience across the globe. Residing now in a scenic village in Armenia, amidst a backdrop of books and felines, Gregory's preferred pastime is silent contemplation.
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