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Book Cover for: The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman: Toward an Understanding of Japanese Management, Erdener Kaynak

The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman: Toward an Understanding of Japanese Management

Erdener Kaynak

The values and behaviors of the Japanese businessman--and of the Japanese in general--are quite diverse and keep changing, making it difficult for anyone (including the Japanese themselves) to truly understand why they act the way they do. The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman saves readers time and effort when pursuing business opportunities in Japan because it identifies the core values of the Japanese businessman, ranging from the obvious and public, "Diligence," to the more private, "Silence as Eloquence" and "Perception of Time." After identifying these eight core values, Yasutaka Sai explores the history and modern interpretation of each. Based on over 300 Japanese language sources--otherwise unavailable to those who do not read Japanese--The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman reveals the diversity and dynamism of Japanese values and behaviors. This information empowers businesspeople and international business educators to develop solid business relationships with the Japanese. With many years of experience, the author focuses on specific values that are most common among Japanese in the business world. These are not exclusive, but the most prevalent or widely shared values that Western businesspeople are likely to encounter:

  • Japanese diligence, work ethic, and "Gambarism" or persistence
  • group orientation: sense of belonging and participation, spirit of harmony, interpersonal relations
  • aesthetics and perfectionism
  • curiosity and emphasis on innovation
  • respect for form and "Hana Yori Dango" or practicality
  • a mind for competition and outlook on rewards
  • the value of silence as eloquence
  • perception of time

As there is no single uniformly accepted source for the values of today's Japanese citizen or business person, Sai's exploration opens a vital window into understanding many Japanese values and behaviors. The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman is vital reading for those with international business concerns--business and management educators, businesspeople interested in how Japanese managers manage and employees work, and practicing managers interested in cross-cultural management issues. It allows readers to develop good relationships with the Japanese based on a realistic understanding of how they think and act, both individually and as members of business organizations.

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  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Publish Date: Dec 18th, 1996
  • Pages: 190
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781560248712
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