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Book Cover for: The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak: The Extra Meridians, Points, and More, Erle Montaigue

The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak: The Extra Meridians, Points, and More

Erle Montaigue

Complete Your Dim-Mak Training with These Finer Points

The remarkable martial art technique of dim-mak is the strategic and focused use of force to cause pain or lethal damage to an aggressor. Master Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson's The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak is the most comprehensive, informative, and authoritative resource on the subject.

Montaigue, one of the world's foremost experts on dim-mak techniques, and Simpson, a renowned Australian acupuncturist, together possess an unparalleled knowledge of this ancient Chinese martial art. In the first volume of this two-volume set, The Main Meridians, they map the precise locations of every major strike point on the body, referencing the twelve main energy meridians. This companion volume, The Extra Meridians, serves to elucidate the eight additional meridians which are not associated with any organs, most notably the conceptor and governing vessels forming the centerline of the body's flow of energy. Use of these meridians as strike points can be key in effectively disabling an aggressor by causing confusion, lack of balance, and disrupting the body's polarity.

Montaigue has also included other, lesser-known points not associated with any particular meridian which are still effective points of attack. There is, in addition, a chapter devoted to the medical aspects of strikes to certain points, with accompanying evidence of why the strikes work. In the summation "Internal Methods" he reviews all of the information provided and raises it to a higher level of focus in directing the qi.

This second volume of The Encyclopedia of Dim Mak complements and completes the full course of learning how to use this ancient training as a balanced and effective defensive tool and full-body discipline.

This book is also available from Echo Point Books as a paperback (ISBN 1648373577).

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  • Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media, LLC
  • Publish Date: Nov 14th, 2023
  • Pages: 136
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 0.38in - 1.35lb
  • EAN: 9781648373565
  • Categories: ReferenceMartial Arts - GeneralReference - General

About the Author

Montaigue, Erle: - Erle Montaigue began his martial arts training when he was 11 years of age, training in karate and judo at the local police Boys' Clubs. His forte in these early years, however, was wrestling, which later led him to professional wrestling for a time. He was also an avid bodybuilder, later realizing the error of his ways. In 1966, Erle was expelled from school for little more than being a rebel and painting the school yellow, among other "small" things. In 1974, while performing as a nightclub entertainer, Erle left Australia for England, where he met taijiquan instructor Chu King-hung, one of only three disciples of the late Yang Sau-chung. In 1981 he travelled to Hong Kong, where he studied with Ho Ho-choy, a direct disciple of Baguazhang Master Chiang Jung-jiao. In 1982, he began teaching taijiquan in Sydney and became the chief of therapeutic movement at the NSW College of Natural Therapies. He opened his own school in Sydney in 1983. The next year, Erle found his main internal martial arts master, Chang Yiu-chun, from whom he learned the secrets of dim-mak and h'ao ch'uan (taijiquan). Erle Montaigue wrote for Fighting Arts International, the prestigious British martial arts magazine, and Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine, one of the longest-running quality martial arts magazines. In 1995, Erle was invited to study with Liang Shih-kan, the leader and "keeper" of the now almost extinct forerunner to taijiquan, the Wutan Shan System of Boxing, thus becoming the only Westerner and one of only a handful of people to be taught the twelve qi-disruptive forms. Erle was the founder of the World Taiji Boxing Association (WTBA), which now has schools all over the world. He headed the WTBA until 2009, when he was succeeded by his son Eli Montaigue. Erle kept teaching workshops and producing videos right up until his death in 2011. Eli now takes the system forward, holding workshops all around the world.Readers wishing to contact the Montaigue family can do so at the following website
Simpson, Wally: - Wally Simpson is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He graduated with a diploma of acupuncture in 1986 and a bachelor's degree in acupuncture the following year. In 2014 he began studying classical Chinese herbs at the Institute of Canonical East Asian Medicine, and began to practice Tai Ji with a number of teachers. and was then introduced to Erle Montaigue. Simpson began training with Erle Montaigue, where he learned Tai Ji, both the 杨澄傅Yáng Chéng Fù and 楊露禪 Yáng Lù Chán, and then Bā Guà, both circle and linear forms.
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