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Book Cover for: The End of Big Bang Cosmology: Bijective Physics, Amrit Srecko Sorli

The End of Big Bang Cosmology: Bijective Physics

Amrit Srecko Sorli

Big Bang Cosmology has no scientific basis. It is a religious theory that needs "Creator-God". It is against the first law of thermodynamics and is based on the wrong interpretation of astronomical observations. Cosmic microwave background radiation is the radiation of existent universal space, it is not some relic radiation from remote physical past that does not exist. Redshift is not proving the expansion of the universe. It has origin in gravitational redshift. Light when pulling out of the strong gravity of distant galaxies is losing some energy, the result is redshift. The cosmological principle is time-invariant because time has only the mathematical existence. The universe does not evolve in time, it evolves only in space. In space, there is no physical past and no physical future. Past and future exist only in your brain. All in the universe is entangled via timeless universal space. This is "The Third Revolution of Physics" that English physicist Julian Barbour is talking about.Black holes are rejuvenating systems of the universe. In black holes old matter is transforming back into the fresh energy in the form of elementary particles. This transformation of energy is continuous, it has no beginning and will not have an end. The universe is a non-created system in a permanent dynamic equilibrium and has a constant entropy. There is no God behind the universe. The universe itself is God

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