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Book Cover for: The Flanders Valley Golf Course Incident: A Novella, Michael J. Canzoniero

The Flanders Valley Golf Course Incident: A Novella

Michael J. Canzoniero

I've written this story essentially for my golfer friends, the Masterblasters. I know the principle event described here will seem silly, perhaps for some, impossible to believe. I know, too, that golf is not as fascinating to everyone as it is to me, but, though it is golf that moves these pages, this is primarily the story of the spiritual liberation of one guy, one "everyman" I called Aloysius, a name that means warrior. I made him ordinary enough, made him a guy riddled with quirks and foibles, with old success and fresh failure. He's a guy who is walking in a stupor. There's a fog of confusion that lies just behind his forced smile. His bewilderment is composed of fear, anger, bitterness, regret, and shame. It springs from a pool of self-criticism and unworthiness, that has been cooked in the heat of his life's troubles. He doesn't know how to make sense of his fogginess, but he will learn that once the fog starts to lift, once the spinning of destructive thoughts begins to fade, his path will be clearer and his life will be happy-again. One could compare the process he goes through to the gradual elimination of unrealistic expectations from one's golf game. It's like the slow improvement and eventual leveling off of a golfer's skill, accompanied by a growing calm resignation. It's akin to a golfer finally accepting his game for what it is, not what he thought it was going to be.
So, the reader may have guessed, this tale is an allegory of my own spiritual journey. I can say my fog has lifted, the larger flaws in my "game" have been addressed, and my purpose in life is clearer to me now. I have learned that ours is a world of mostly good people, dealing sometimes in disappointment, pain, and foggy confusion. I have learned too that sometimes there is someone there to help, and sometimes we must be like Aloysius, a warrior, and figure it out for ourselves. If this fanciful story brings a bit of amusement or clarity to another's life, then I'll be pleased. In any case, the writing of it is finished and now I'm free to get back to golf, the game I love.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 29th, 2024
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