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Book Cover for: The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation to facilitate learning of Quranic Arabic: Volume 3 Juz 21-30, Shehnaz Shaikh

The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation to facilitate learning of Quranic Arabic: Volume 3 Juz 21-30

Shehnaz Shaikh

There are about 80,000 words in the Quran but the actual words are only around 2000!!! This could also be termed as one of the many miracles of the Quran. Accordingly, if a reader decides to learn only 10 new words every day, he can understand the basic message of the Quran within a period of seven months! So it is indeed very easy to understand the Quran, provided one is willing to learn it. This word-for-word translation may not be considered as an addition to the existing translations, but an attempt to equip the reader to understand the revelation directly from the Arabic text; thus it will Insha-Allah be a very useful tool for those who are willing to study the Quran and try to understand it. A beginner can bear in mind the meanings of each Arabic word provided right below it. Since many words are repeated in the Quran, the student will find for himself that within a few months of regular study, he is indeed able to understand the Quran through the text itself. It may also be pointed out that a beginner does not have to, in the start itself, be worried about learning extensive grammar or how to speak the Arabic language. In fact, one has to develop vocabulary before learning grammar for the following reasons: * A child first learns words and then starts linking them together. We speak our mother tongue fluently without ever learning the grammatical rules. That is to say, we learn it by repeatedly listening to the words. * Learning extensive grammar before improving vocabulary is like putting the cart before the horse. Or it is like learning different styles of swimming by moving hands in the air inside a swimming pool without water. One has to fill the swimming pool with water (i.e., increase vocabulary) and then learn to swim (i.e., to connect the words with grammatical rules).

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  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: Jul 1st, 2007
  • Pages: 308
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781452870502
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About the Author

Dr Shehnaz Shaikh is a Medical Doctor by professional qualifications. She is in the field of Dawah since the last 13 years. She has delivered hundreds of lectures on various topics of Islam in various cities of India, US, UK, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, South Africa. She is the founder and honorary principal of Al-Mu'minah School - an Islamic Academic School for girls in Mumbai, India ( Watch the coverage of Al-Muminah School on Headlines Today - a news channel at http: // and by NDTV at http: // Watch a young Daee of Al-Muminah giving a talk titled "Arent we like the Parrot?" at http: // She is a pioneer in teaching Quranic Arabic to children. Watch the video of a student of Al-Muminah School titled "Even children can learn Quran word for word" at: http: // She is the vice-President of At-Tawheed International Dawah Centre for Women, which has branches across vaious cities of India and Middle East. She is the Managing Trustee of Ismail Educational Trust (Reg no. E-19971, Mumbai). Her word-for-word English translation of the Quran is available as a mobile software at http: //