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Book Cover for: The Guilt Within: A Thrilling Mystery Suspense Romance with a Shocking Twist, Mandy Morris

The Guilt Within: A Thrilling Mystery Suspense Romance with a Shocking Twist

Mandy Morris

"The most unique, enthralling, psychological, mystery romance I've ever read..." - Mia Daskula

Two love stories unfold in this captivating journey through time and continents. Forbidden love, obsession, sabotage and an unimaginable guilt bind two women.

In the opulent world of 18th century France and the modern seaside landscape of 21st century Australia, the lives of Marianne and Melissa are inexplicably intertwined.

Melissa often wakes to seductive, enchanting dreams set in France. However, these often escalate into horrifying and destructive amnesic nightmares of which she can only ever remember tiny fragments. What is the French connection? Is she going insane, or is someone or something messing with her?

Coerced by her narcissistic husband to see a psychiatrist, Melissa has a not-so-chance encounter with Matthew. The two spark an instant attraction, but what is he hiding? Despite the immediate and intense seduction, Melissa's fear of her husband's reaction forces her to push Matthew away.

As her nightmares intensify, her close friend, Elle, intervenes, leading Melissa to embark on a 'radical' therapy. The gruelling sessions are shocking and terrifyingly confronting, but will the guilt within be finally severed?

This story of undying love and unimaginable guilt will keep you riveted until the very last page.

"A gut-wrenching and heart-warming story of forbidden love." - Mary Solway

"A brilliant mystery with a lot of great characters and an intriguing twisty plot." - Mark Fry

"Heartbreaking, thought-provoking and extremely original." - Gabriella Erb

Book Details

  • Publisher: Freevoice Publishing
  • Publish Date: Dec 20th, 2023
  • Pages: 352
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.79in - 1.14lb
  • EAN: 9780645657500
  • Categories: Romance - SuspensePsychologicalRomance - Time Travel

About the Author

Morris, Mandy: - Mandy, a self-proclaimed black sheep of her family of eleven, didn't think her life was particularly interesting until a film producer insisted she write her life story for him to produce-an extremely challenging task that is a work in progress but may take her a lifetime.Mandy has a BA from Deakin University. Her dedication and intense passion for writing came about when she had two sons in the early '90s. Every night rather than reading from books, they insisted Mandy create 'magination' stories, as they called them. Since then, she has written hundreds of adult stories, all at varying stages of completion and all with an element of romance.Most of Mandy's characters are based on real-life people. In A Guilt Within, Elle and Aisha bear an uncanny resemblance to her best friends, both in appearance and demeanour. And Liam, the romantic lead in one of her upcoming stories, is based on when she first met her husband on an overnight train. In the morning, after they had parted, he came running back to the train station searching for his wallet, quickly finding it again, and then offering to shout her and her sister out for beers (it was 6 a.m.). He confessed a week later to lying about losing his wallet, and, to Mandy's horror, he'd overheard she was a few years older than him, so he'd also inflated his age by ten years.She now lives with her slightly 'younger' husband and a somewhat neurotic dog. They have two amazing grown-up sons who regularly visit their extremely lively home on acreage in the Noosa Hinterland, where they happily share produce from the fruit and veggie gardens with the regular visiting wildlife, including ten king parrots, hundreds of rainbow lorikeets, and dozens of free-roaming kangaroos.
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