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Book Cover for: The Jesus Interviews: Volume 14 Love, And The Great Friend Ship, Almighty God

The Jesus Interviews: Volume 14 Love, And The Great Friend Ship

Almighty God

The Great, Friend Ship, Will Sail, With Love
The Almighty God, provided, The Heavens' Navigations, With The Wisdom of God.
And The Almighty God, said,
"Relationships, are Spiritual Ships, encasing, the bond, of chosen, emotions, and Intentions, and members, within, the boundaries, of, circumstance. Families, are bound, within the legal responsibilities, and duties, of realities, especially, until, the children, are grown, and they are in, the same boat. And families, are inherited, for the generations, which The Judge of humanity, has appropriately, chosen, for them. And the children, have not, and cannot, choose, parents. Yet, the parents, have chosen, each other, with compelling reason, and hopefully, these, include, Love. And the children, will inherit, the essence, of these, reasons, for personal experience, and hopefully, these, include, Love. And the parents, the married couple, began, as friends, and chose, to create, A Great, Friend Ship, by authority, of choosing.
And the priceless, Friend Ship, is built, and created, by choice, and enthusiastic, participation, with great interest, for,
The Monumental, beautiful, stately, Ship of Sail, The Friend Ship.
And where, will, The Great, Magnificent, Friend Ship Sail, Geographically, Emotionally, and Spiritually, speaking?
Is, Love, quite obviously, observed, and sensed, and felt? And, the beautiful, early attractions, of, Nature's calling, often, define, the first, infrastructure, of, the new, Friend Ship, freshly made. Yet, will these, anticipatory, aesthetics, last?
And, The Answer, surely depends, on, The Eyes, of, The Beholder.
Hence, The Friend Ship, which is made only, of, artificial appearances, by definition, was never, authentic, and did not exist, or will not endure. And there Is, something, more important, than appearances, called, Love." And then, The Almighty God, admired, with profuse, Love, and Respect, and Honor, The Shining Sun, Jesus Christ, Savior, of The World, And listened, lovingly, to, The Wisdom of God. And Jesus, said, "The beautiful, emotions, of Love, are sensed, within the heart, and the soul, and the mind, to influence The World, and change, The Future, for generations to come."
And Jesus, prayed, With The Truly Faithful,
"Almighty God,
Please, Almighty God, Guide our hearts, And our minds, To seek, The Wisdom of God,
And then, know, How to choose Friends, Carefully, And how to begin, To create, Friend Ships,
With strong, Spiritual Infrastructure, Fortified, with, God's Power, To transform interactions, and conversations, With Love, To create, beautiful Friend Ships, To Sail, all the way, to, Heaven.
World Peace. All people of True Faith in God."

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