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Book Cover for: The Joy of the Lord is my Joy!, Mary Jo Odom

The Joy of the Lord is my Joy!

Mary Jo Odom

To those whose lives taught them that goodness and mercy did not belong to them, this book is for you-the famous Psalm 23 talks about the valley of the shadow of death. The starting point of my life was in the Valley of Death. I was born in this valley, and my surroundings were people that looked like me within the valley. However, I am reminded that there must be light in the distance for a shadow to exist. It is the first thing God said in the Bible: let there be light! This light is why I am writing this book: to bring news into the shadow of the Valley of Death. This book was written for the hurting, the sick, the abused, battered, bankrupt, and those questioning where the light is and if the light of Our Lord Christ Jesus exists. This book will remind you that He is near, even in the shadow of the valley of death. I know you feel hopeless, tired, depressed, angry, hurt, and incredibly lonely.

Many don't understand that even your dreams are different in the valley. Life events are filtered through the lenses of all your experiences and in how you believe, accept, and measure God's goodness and love. It took me a while to understand the statement, "All the time, God is good." I understood God is good, but the all the time portion of the reply was another thing. So, when I tell you "all the time," it is truly all the time that God is good. The provisions, life itself, Jesus' sacrifice, and the gift of the Holy Spirit came from an all-the-time God is good. It can be difficult to understand sometimes, but as we explore through this book, I will discuss a good God who loves and does good things even in Death Valley, homes, dry places, childhoods, teenage years, adult years, church, work, divorce, financial challenges, etc. Ultimately, you will discover goodness, and mercy is following you, and God is in the midst of it all, working things out for your good.

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