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Book Cover for: The Kindness Games: How a Single Post Changed Our Mindset About Community, Lee Oughton

The Kindness Games: How a Single Post Changed Our Mindset About Community

Lee Oughton

What if we ferociously pursued shout outs of kindness instead of shouting to be right? What if we chased down the people we know are hurting, so we can lift them up to the world for how beautiful and amazing they are? What if we gave a damn about each other and pledged to show it?

The Kindness Games (TKG) was started as a movement amongst security professionals to shout out people in their sphere who'd influenced or helped them during their career.

The founders of TKG quickly realized that any industry would benefit from a structured way to build kindness into their culture, so what began as a social media trend has quickly grown into a global movement of gratitude and compassion.

In this book you'll learn how to play The Kindness Game in your own professional network and help people unite their spheres of influence, heal their communities, and change the world by leading with kindness. You'll also read inspiring stories from our original TKG players about how this simple concept of kindness impacted their professional lives.

Book Details

  • Publisher: How2conquer
  • Publish Date: Jan 31st, 2024
  • Pages: 196
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.50in - 0.95lb
  • EAN: 9781945783326
  • Categories: LeadershipCommunication & Social SkillsInternet - Social Media

About the Author

Oughton, Lee: - As a Security, Risk, and Crisis Management Leader, Lee Oughton specializes in building programs and formulating policies and procedures designed to minimize exposure to risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and associated consequences to enterprises. Dedicating his life to giving back to others and creating opportunities, Lee's also an avid and dedicated volunteer. Lee dedicates his kind soul to his wife, parents, children, family, and other Kindness Crusaders. Originally from the UK, Lee now resides in Mexico with his amazing wife Ery.
Wenzel, Tim: - Tim Wenzel is a thought leader and sought after speaker in the Security, Leadership, and Wellness industries. With a passion to transform the existing paradigms of leadership and risk management while creating well designed programs, he is widely recognized as a SME in Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM). Tim is well known for building high performing, autonomous teams and Leading with Kindness. Tim works with people of all ages, backgrounds, and industries to find their voice, cultivate their confidence, identify and overcome Imposter Syndrome, and to thrive within the organizations and cultures they find themselves.
Praise for this book

"We all need a little dose of kindness in our lives, and The Kindness Games delivers just that. With raw and real stories, readers dive deep into the motivations behind acts of kindness, often discovering that the journey of gratitude can be more transformative than the act itself. The Kindness Games beautifully underscores that kindness is a choice, leaving a lasting impact on the reader. Powerful, personal, and practical - highly recommended!"

- Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Sekuro, Founder, Cyber Risk Meetup, Author of Cyber Mayday and the

Day After

"If you're awaiting your big moment to make a difference, you're missing out on how meaningful progress gets done through habitual and strategic kindness - in your sphere of influence. The Kindness Games is a quick, easily digestible how-to compilation containing relatable stories and handy chapter summary reminder boxes that will catalyze your kindness routine. Why? Because it matters. It's how you make a difference."

- S. Lucia Kanter St. Amour, VP of UN Women, San Francisco, Law Professor, Author of For the Forces of Good: The Superpower of Everyday Negotiation

"Dive into a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and human connection in The Kindness Games. Explore the captivating world where kindness isn't just an act, but a choice we make. Join the protagonist as they embrace the contagious ripple effect of kindness, realizing that it takes courage to be kind in a world that sometimes feels harsh. Through challenges and triumphs, learn how being kind isn't just about others, but a powerful tool to shape your mindset and transform your life. The Kindness Games is a touching reminder of our shared responsibility to uplift one another."

- Dr. Dean McKay, Founding Partner and Chief Value Creator, Transformex

"Tim and Lee created a movement with The Kindness Games on LinkedIn - right smack in the middle of when the world stopped moving. As Kindness Games Alumnus #41, I instinctively ask curiosity questions (see Chapter 5!) to approach with kindness first. This movement fueled me to be intentional with kindness. One person at a time, we can fight for a kinder world. I highly recommend you pick up The Kindness Games, which teaches us through the stories and authenticity of people, and join the life-changing crusade."

- Jennifer Stanford, CEO, Trust Coach, and Servant Leader of Emergent Performance Solutions, a Change Management Consulting Firm

"Expressing kindness is an incredibly powerful behavior. After all, we live in a world where acts of kindness are too few and far between. Yet, when reading The Kindness Games, I was deeply touched by the transformation that took place within TKG participants. Their journeys motivated them to show up authentically - their stories will inspire you to do the same."

- Dean Hallett; President, Hallett Leadership; Author, The Missing Piece: How Successful Companies Develop High-Performance Cultures

"The Kindness Games is more than a book and more than a game. TKG is a call to action, a demand for healing, and a demonstration of the power of being kind. While The Kindness Games contains a wonderful collection of stories testifying to the process' impact on those who completed it, it is much more. The Kindness Games is a guidebook and reference for introspection and personal enlightenment. On the other side of this decade of change is a new world that requires new leaders who are compassionate, vulnerable, and comfortable with being uncomfortable."

- Scot Walker, Investigations Leader, Protection Futurist