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Book Cover for: The Last Christmas Letter, Keith C. Snyder

The Last Christmas Letter

Keith C. Snyder

This book started out to be just a culmination of the original 30 Christmas Letters and the stories surrounding them, but in the end turned into much more encompassing story of our family and unfortunately my somewhat questionable life decisions and ongoing issues. Nothing to worry about here, as I am and always have been a law abiding, people loving, hardworking, person, but sometimes my way of doing things has left many wondering just what the heck I was thinking. As for the book, I think it is something that you will enjoy reading, as it probably more attune to your own life's stories than you'll probably want to admit.

(Even when I die my picture will be somewhere in the back pages but with my luck it will probably be the one taken that night at the Lewiston Boy's Club and the headline won't be "Loving Father and Husband Passes", It will read, "Keith Embarrasses Mother"

So, the next day I show up to grade school with one front tooth missing and my wrist all taped up and the teacher probably wondering what kind of torture I was being put through. But in actuality, she probably had taught all three of my older brothers and just figured I was just learning to be one of them. You just gotta love my family!

Another thing I have learned is that Sharon and I don't shop the same. I shop like this. Look, like, buy, use! Sharon shops like this. Look... look... like....look... look....look.... like... look... like... look... look... look... really like... buy................... return!

Well, I finally went home and the first night back Sharon fell off her crutches, dislocated one finger and broke another. (Boy you'd think that with those crutches she'd been able to hop right over that deer lying on the floor.) ((Maybe there is something to "me making things worse".))

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  • Publisher: Christian Faith
  • Publish Date: Mar 17th, 2023
  • Pages: 348
  • Language: English
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