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Book Cover for: The Last Nail in Jezebel's Coffin: A Collection of Sermons, Stephen R. Gentry

The Last Nail in Jezebel's Coffin: A Collection of Sermons

Stephen R. Gentry

In The Last Nail in Jezebel's Coffin, pastor Stephen Gentry shares a collection of sermons that have touched many lives. Some of the sermon titles are The Last Nail in Jezebel's Coffin, Harmless Doves, Bad Decisions in Times of Distress, A Schism in the Body, Savagery in the Safety Zone, Ichabod's Brother, plus six other unique sermon titles.

In the sermon titled, When a Physician Needs a Miracle, Bro. Gentry shares the testimony of his wife's battle with cancer and the tremendous hope that the Great Physician has given them.

These sermons will bless you and will grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Old Paths Publications, Inc
  • Publish Date: Nov 3rd, 2023
  • Pages: 256
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.63in - 1.13lb
  • EAN: 9798989042272
  • Categories: GeneralChristian Living - GeneralBiblical Studies - Prophecy

About the Author

Gentry, Stephen R.: - Rev. Stephen R. Gentry has been active in ministry for over 35 years. He served as a full-time evangelist for eight years, preaching revivals, camp meetings, and conferences across the United States and abroad. He has twenty-five years of pastoral experience. Pastor Gentry founded and served as administrator for Summit Christian Academy, a Christian school in Millbrook, Alabama. He currently serves as Pastor for Westside Holiness Church in Douglas, Georgia. Pastor Gentry has accompanied and supported missionaries in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. He serves as president of Harvest Season Ministries, Inc. President Gentry's dedication to HSM has led to tremendous growth in all areas of ministry in the Dominican Republic during his tenure.Bro. Gentry's first book, God's Word to Man, was published in 2023. He has studied the inspiration of the King James Bible for several years and has taught in various churches on this subject and on the radio.Bro. Gentry and his wife Rochelle have been happily married since 1990. Rochelle has been the perfect example of a godly wife. She has supported her husband with much love and prayer. Contact information: (912) 381-9949 R. Gentry40 Baymeadows DriveDouglas, GA 31535
Praise for this book

This book of sermons by Bro. Steve Gentry demonstrates his ability to study the Bible, arrange the material in a structured and logical way, and proclaim the truth of God's Word firmly and fairly.

If you are a preacher, you will be blessed by these sermons and may even rework them into your style and preach them yourself.

If you are a layperson, you will be blessed by these sermons, for if you will not only "hear" but obey, you will grow in knowledge and in your experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.

These sermons present great Doctrinal content, including preaching about Prayer, Redemption, Holiness, and the Gifts of the Spirit. They also present great practical content, including preaching about Home and Family, the local Church, a believer's business ethics, and a Christian's influence, to name a few.

Finally, these sermons are replete with great personal experiences and interesting illustrations like windows, letting in the light of understanding.

As you read, let the Spirit of God speak to you personally and be willing to obey what the Holy Ghost says.

Bro. Dwain Galiher