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Book Cover for: The Liminal Chronicles: Echoes of the Ancients, Demetri Welsh

The Liminal Chronicles: Echoes of the Ancients

Demetri Welsh

Echoes of the Ancients dives deeper into the mystical world introduced in the first book. Guardian Eliana continues her journey, now grappling with the awakening of ancient artifacts that threaten to disrupt the cosmic balance. As she travels across diverse realms to secure these powerful relics, she encounters new allies and faces formidable enemies, uncovering long-hidden truths about the Guardian Order and the universe itself. This sequel expands the narrative with intricate world-building, exploring themes of power, legacy, and unity across realms.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Book Two
  • Publish Date: Apr 29th, 2024
  • Pages: 88
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.25in - 0.47lb
  • EAN: 9798869347985
  • Categories: Fantasy - Dark FantasyFantasy - Epic

About the Author

Welsh, Demetri: - Demetri Welsh is a visionary author, metaphysical scholar, and dedicated explorer of the esoteric and the unseen. Born and raised in the mystic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Demetri's fascination with the mystical began in his childhood, surrounded by the region's natural beauty and rich folklore. This early exposure sparked a lifelong passion for uncovering the layers of reality that lie just beyond the ordinary.A graduate with honors in Philosophy from the University of Oregon, Demetri specialized in Metaphysics and Eastern Philosophies, merging academic rigor with his innate spiritual insights. Post-graduation, he traveled extensively, studying under various mystic practitioners and immersing himself in diverse cultural spiritual traditions. His journeys took him from the ashrams of India to the sacred sites of Egypt, each experience weaving deeper into the tapestry of his narratives.Demetri's writing career began with articles and essays on metaphysical phenomena and esoteric lore, which were published in various journals and magazines. His unique perspective combined scholarly research with personal experiences, bringing a rich authenticity to his work that resonated with readers worldwide."The Liminal Chronicles" is Demetri's ambitious book series, born from decades of exploration and discovery. It draws heavily on his knowledge of ancient mythologies, occult practices, and spiritual insights, crafting a world where the veil between dimensions is thin, and the potential for magic is vast. Through his protagonist, Eliana, Demetri invites readers to question the nature of reality and to consider the unseen forces that shape our world.Off the page, Demetri is a committed lecturer and speaker, often found at conferences and symposiums discussing topics from mystical realms to the power of storytelling in understanding our place in the universe. When not writing or speaking, he enjoys star gazing, meditative walks in nature, and collecting rare manuscripts on hidden knowledge.Demetri Welsh continues to live and write in his home state of Oregon, finding daily inspiration in the shadowy woods and the rugged coastlines, always seeking to push the boundaries of our understanding and to share those revelations with his readers.