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Book Cover for: The Liminal Chronicles: Threshold of Shadows, Demetri Welsh

The Liminal Chronicles: Threshold of Shadows

Demetri Welsh

Threshold of Shadows

Book One of The Liminal Chronicles

In the quaint town of Eldridge, where the known meets the unknown, Eliana discovers a truth that has remained hidden for generations. Following a rare celestial event, she is thrust into a world where the fabric of reality thins and the veils between worlds tremble. Entrusted with an ancient legacy, Eliana must navigate her newfound abilities under the guidance of the enigmatic Guardian Order.

As she delves deeper into this mystical world, Eliana uncovers secrets that challenge the very foundation of the Order. Betrayal lurks in the shadows of trust, and the balance between realms hangs by a thread. Armed only with her courage and a mysterious artifact linked to her grandfather's cryptic past, Eliana must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice to protect the delicate balance that sustains all worlds.

Join Eliana in *Threshold of Shadows* as she confronts her destiny at the precipice of reality and myth. Her journey is one of magic, danger, and the power of legacy-testing her beliefs and her resolve. Will she rise to the challenge and seal the shadows, or will darkness spill into the realms she vows to protect?

Prepare for a tale where the paths of light and shadow weave into a tapestry of intrigue and adventure, where every choice can either mend or tear the fabric of existence.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Book One
  • Publish Date: Apr 28th, 2024
  • Pages: 94
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.25in - 0.49lb
  • EAN: 9798869346100
  • Categories: Fantasy - GeneralMystery & Detective - Cozy - Paranormal

About the Author

Welsh, Demetri: - Demetri WelshDemetri Welsh is a distinguished author, metaphysical scholar, and passionate explorer of the esoteric and the unseen. Living amidst the stark beauty and rich spiritual heritage of New Mexico, Demetri draws inspiration from the landscape and its deep historical roots in native and mystical traditions. This setting fuels his fascination with the layers of reality that extend beyond the visible world.A graduate with honors in Philosophy from the University of Oregon, Demetri specialized in Metaphysics and Eastern Philosophies. His academic pursuits meld seamlessly with his spiritual insights, forming a solid foundation for his writings. After his studies, Demetri traveled the world, studying various mystic traditions and collecting experiences that would deeply influence his literary works. From the serene ashrams of India to the enigmatic ruins of Egypt, each journey enriched his understanding and narrative style.Demetri first made his mark with thought-provoking articles and essays on metaphysical phenomena and esoteric lore, published in various journals and magazines. His work uniquely combines rigorous scholarly research with rich personal experiences, offering readers a genuine, in-depth look into the mystical and arcane."The Liminal Chronicles," Demetri's book series, encapsulates his decades of exploration and discovery. The series is steeped in ancient mythologies, occult knowledge, and transformative spiritual insights, inviting readers into a world where the boundaries between dimensions are fluid and the potential for magic is immense. His protagonist, Eliana, serves as a guide for readers to explore the profound mysteries of existence and the unseen forces shaping our lives.When not engrossed in writing or research, Demetri is an active participant in literary and spiritual communities, frequently speaking at conferences and symposiums. He enjoys stargazing, meditative hikes through the New Mexico desert, and cultivating a home filled with love alongside his husband and their cherished pets.Residing in New Mexico, Demetri Welsh continues to write, inspired daily by the mystical allure of the desert and committed to sharing his revelations about the greater cosmos with his readers.

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