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Book Cover for: The Longevity Nutrient: The Unexpected Fat That Holds the Key to Healthy Aging, Stephanie Venn-Watson

The Longevity Nutrient: The Unexpected Fat That Holds the Key to Healthy Aging

Stephanie Venn-Watson

Unlock the secret to longevity with Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson's groundbreaking research of the molecule C15:0--an essential fat found in whole milk, cheese, and fatty fish--that can improve your health and increase your lifespan.

The hunt for the holy grail of healthy aging has been ongoing for hundreds of years, and Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson may be its most unlikely champion. As a veterinary epidemiologist, she was recruited by the US Navy to lead a clinical research program to improve the health of Navy dolphins. Using advanced biotechnology to study the healthiest aging dolphins, she discovered C15:0, a saturated fat which has the potential to expand both the health-span and lifespan in long-lived mammals.

In The Longevity Nutrient, Dr. Venn-Watson unveils the science behind C15:0, the first essential fatty acid to be discovered in nearly a hundred years. This revolutionary discovery identifies the crucial ingredient for combating chronic aging-associated diseases. This book unfolds like a detective story, bringing you along through the science and discovery of this extraordinary nutrient. The implications of adding this nutrient back into the American diet could not be more significant. Mounting scientific evidence supports that C15:0 can:
-Reduce the risk of and reverse of fatty liver disease
-Reduce the risk of and reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease
-Meaningfully slow the effects of aging to improve overall well-being

Perhaps the most surprising discovery? In the end, it may just be the saturated fat that saves us all.

In this book, Dr. Venn-Watson tells the extraordinary story of this discovery and examines the paradigm shifting implications for human health and aging. She presents the easy, practical steps for you to responsibly bring this essential C15:0 fat into your life to improve your long-term health and wellness.

Book Details

  • Publisher: S&s/Simon Element
  • Publish Date: Mar 25th, 2025
  • Pages: 352
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.91in - 1.21lb
  • EAN: 9781668063545
  • Categories: LongevityDiseases & Conditions - Genetic

About the Author

Venn-Watson, Stephanie: - Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson is a veterinary epidemiologist with over eighty peer-reviewed scientific publications and seventy patents. Stephanie discovered the health benefits of C15:0 while working for the US Navy to continually improve the long-term health of Navy bottlenose dolphins. While seeking to understand why some dolphins were aging at slower rates than others, Stephanie applied an advanced technology called metabolomics on archived dolphin serum to discover which molecules predicted the healthiest aging dolphins. Here, she discovered C15:0 as a healthy saturated fatty acid. Upon completing eight key studies over three years, she presented C15:0 as the first essential fatty acid to be found in over ninety years. Her unique One Health approach to discovering novel ways to improve both human and animal health has been featured on NPR's Science Friday, The New York Times, Inverse, the BBC, National Geographic, and more.