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Book Cover for: The Malachi Matrix, Richard Peterson

The Malachi Matrix

Richard Peterson

Throughout the history of man's relationship with the Creator God, Yehovah, there has been a reoccurring cycle among the people of God falling into idolatry and turning their backs on true worship. Yehovah God has consistently used INDIVIDUALS. He has chosen to spark the fires of revival. While large corporate Churches have held themselves up as doing "The Work of God," they have often become hierarchical and authoritarian. These same Churches have developed traditions that stifle spiritual growth. Each large Church has created a college to perpetuate its teachings. They mold students into obedient clones to be used as Church administrators and ministers. The number of study papers and booklets produced by these churches are mind numbing. These corporate approved materials are used to brainwash the ecclesia and reinforce the Church's "Statement of Beliefs". Over time, Statements of Belief come to be viewed as "The truth and nothing but the truth." Once you have this mindset, there is no room for spiritual growth or further revelation.

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  • Publisher: Book Writing Pioneer
  • Publish Date: Jun 5th, 2024
  • Pages: 158
  • Language: English
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