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Book Cover for: THE MANUSCRIPT Chronicle 2: The Theatrical Melodia of my life Krea Prea, Panagiota Makaronis

THE MANUSCRIPT Chronicle 2: The Theatrical Melodia of my life Krea Prea

Panagiota Makaronis

The Manuscript is part two of the second coming, a follow-up from the 1st Chronicle, The Theatrical Melodia of my life. Initiated by my inner thoughts and my fighting spirit to cave in on a concept based on my own theories of how I perceive society. I have crossed many paths and skipped a few momentums, for I wanted to live to see another day I did not want to surrender by foul play or fall into a trap of procrastination.

What a sense of relief, when I realized I was just passing through, creating a temperament, while restoring my energy. Terrorized by the past, tempted by the views of those who assume hitting me and running will solve their issues, continuing on their path soldiering on like I never existed.

While I was learning a lesson and creating a piece, I was being inspired by the spirit to release peace. During that whole ordeal, I could sense foul play, with a touch of adolescence and as Ideocracies go, I ceased to wonder why I reacted the way I did. Obviously, it had to do with power and the way the corrupt play it, it had me questioning their method all the way.

Leaving a poison in the atmosphere, where the world went into chaos and it handed me the energy to follow through and feed off the synergy. As I took that lie all with a stride, I counteracted with a few, and stirred the pot too, to get a reaction for inspiration. Because I needed to follow up on a dream lay the law, report those who were misleading me. No longer have the power to trap pretend or connect in the end just redeem another conviction.

The assumption became an interuption handing them a foundation, to give them power to interpret and follow up on another destination. All I handed was a statement, a stream of events that messed up the concept but not my head. Because that method was a presentation to help me get ahead and harm those who were creating a war in my peace.

Returning at a later date, releasing energy following up on another recipe, I had to remain consistent, a reminder that my fighting spirit was being tarnished. Where I refused to waste another day on a lost cause. For corrupt were caving in on the concept to get through, leaving me on the brink of having a nervous breakdown so they can achieve their goals.

What a scheme I had to undo before it took over my destiny right through, I needed to reestablish my point of view, read between the lines, and work at it at my own pace. Lining the corrupt up for another feast one where they no longer have the power to the peak. Planting a seed, left them stagnant, all so, I can succeed in lining them up for another feed.

Before I got caught up in another feast, I needed to return the favor, make sure there was no follow-up to that present day, that made my light darken and the corrupt shine all the way. I resented the fact I was pulled out of my comfort zone to save those who had no intention of giving me a chance of redemption. Allowing those who knew to govern my spirit, right through, was giving me half a chance to relive my destiny. The other half was handed to them periodically where my luck changed. I was ghosted and they were working in unison feeding me doubt.

I fell into a trap, what was considered bad then now, will be a normal trait in the future! It makes you wonder what the new norm will be in years to come from now!

Having said that a human mind is a powerful tool and if you know how to use it you can get more done in a minute you just need to feed your mind and body by keeping them active.

My method was a gamble and I tested my patience and got a taste of venom, well played, by whoever wanted to challenge my spirit all the way. I Hope The Manuscript Chronicle 2, kindly serves you well, for it is my inspirational piece, a key to sacrificing those lost souls that are dead to me!

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  • Publish Date: Jan 22nd, 2024
  • Pages: 142
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