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Book Cover for: The Medium Seraphis and The Fifth Dimension, Antonio Carlos Pinto

The Medium Seraphis and The Fifth Dimension

Antonio Carlos Pinto

Beyond the thin veil that separates dimensions, there exists a realm beyond our reach, where eternity is the only absolute. A home of sparkling light and celestial symphonies, where resplendent souls radiate wisdom that surpasses the limits of human understanding.

Among these souls, there is one that shines like a beacon in the starry firmament. Her name is Seraphis. His sparkling aura carries with it the deepest secrets of the universe, and his words are melodies sung for centuries, containing truths long forgotten. Yet within him burns a restless flame, a burning desire to plunge into the turbulent ocean of earthly existence.

Serafis longs to leave behind the security of eternal home and incarnate into the ephemeral flow of life and death. For he understands that even for an enlightened soul, true wisdom lies only on the path of the unknown. Driven by indomitable courage, he sets out, crossing the abyss between dimensions, ready to drink from the spring of human experience.

Serafis' journey has barely begun, but it is already permeated by the determination to harmonize the grandeur of his soul with the limitations of his mortal body. In the following pages, we will delve with him into the whirlwind of earthly existence, where light and shadow dance in an intricate ballet, where ecstasy and torment weave the grand tapestry of the human soul.

We will follow your search for forgotten truths, hidden in the folds of time and space. We will be witnesses of his struggle to unravel the mysteries that permeate every breath since the first dawn. And perhaps, at the end of this journey, we will discover a little of the mystery that surrounds us and we will rediscover, beneath the pale veil of mortal life, the immortal spark that lives in our hearts.

Get ready for an adventure that transcends imagination, where each page is a portal to a universe of possibilities. Let yourself be enveloped by this story of light and shadow, of discoveries and transformations. Because once you start reading, there will be no escape. Your curiosity will be piqued, your emotions will be awakened, and your mind will be taken to places you never imagined existed.

Serafis' journey is just the beginning. Uncover the secrets, embrace the unknown and discover what awaits beyond the veil. This is a story that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and invite you to explore the hidden mysteries of the universe and your own soul.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Antonio Carlos Pinto
  • Publish Date: Oct 5th, 2023
  • Pages: 132
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.31in - 0.39lb
  • EAN: 9798223455950
  • Categories: Action & AdventureDystopianReligious - General

About the Author

Pinto, Antonio Carlos: -

Antonio Carlos Pinto éeacute; um escritor apaixonado pelo ofíiacute;cio de criar históoacute;rias de ficção científica e fantasia. Sua vocação para a escrita surgiu jáaacute; na infância e se consolidou ao longo dos anos por meio de muito estudo e dedicação àagrave; escrita.

Especializado em livros de ficção cientíiacute;fica, fantasia e romances éeacute;picos de aventura, Antonio tem uma habilidade singular para transportar os leitores para outros mundos, sejam eles reais ou imagináaacute;rios. Entre seus livros mais conhecidos estão A Feiticeira de Shadowthorn, Wastervale e Todos os Amores.

Sua escrita fluida e envolvente remete tanto a tempos antigos quanto a cenáaacute;rios futuristas. Antonio domina a líiacute;ngua portuguesa e suas nuances, o que lhe permite elaborar tramas complexas e textos ricos em detalhes.

Aléeacute;m de livros para o púuacute;blico adulto, Antonio também escreve ficção peculiar para os jovens leitores. Suas históoacute;rias cativantes incentivam o gosto pela leitura entre adolescentes.

Com sua imaginação féeacute;rtil e seu talento primoroso para a narrativa, Antonio Carlos Pinto segue firme em seu propóoacute;sito de levar ao púuacute;blico obras instigantes, que divertem e emocionam seus leitores.

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