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Book Cover for: The path of self-realization, Sripad Vishnupada Babaji

The path of self-realization

Sripad Vishnupada Babaji

The Path Of Self-Realization.
Sripad Vishnupada Babaji.
Inside us there is an essential potential that we must awaken, which we must develop to the maximum to achieve happiness. Each of us must decode it and give it form, make it visible. It is an intentional, responsible and creative growth where we do not give up until we become what we aspire to. Discipline, hope and determination are essential nutrients. It is a constant path where we learn to be better every day, to get closer to our best version. It is being able to achieve our highest needs. It is also having defined the meaning of life for us and making it ours and dedicating our daily lives to this ideal. It's about growing what is already inside us. That is, each one must be aware of his or her capabilities. It is also about finding a balance between the real self and the ideal. There is a very powerful need in us to achieve that high balance between what we are and what we can do. It means knowing who you are beyond the superficial self; beyond your name, your physical form, your personal history, your experiences. It reminds us that there is a spiritual force within us that guides us towards a goal. It is something innate in us. That potential will emerge little by little. However, it is necessary that we listen to it and focus every day on shaping it. There are many systems to achieve this. And when we achieve it, when we are immersed in those tasks, that is when we truly discover who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

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  • Publish Date: May 21st, 2024
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