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Book Cover for: The Performance Nutritionist Vol. 2: Insights, reflections and advice from practitioners working in elite sport, James C. Morehen

The Performance Nutritionist Vol. 2: Insights, reflections and advice from practitioners working in elite sport

James C. Morehen

In any industry, there are people who progress quicker than others. It is no different in our industry of performance nutrition. These people appear to effortlessly gain experience, credibility and respect from other practitioners and athletes. They seem to stand out, but why is this?

The Performance Nutritionist Vol. 2 lifts the lid on another 10 well-respected performance nutritionists, practitioners, and researchers, all of whom in my eyes are successful in their careers. With hundreds of publications, gold medals, winning performances and podcast episodes between them, the 10 individuals in this book provide genuine golden nuggets in the areas of:

- Career navigation in academia, research and applied practice

- Standout moments which have defined them

- Key characteristics required in our industry

- The importance of mentors

- Influential factors which have led to their successful careers

- Biggest challenges to date

- Biggest recommendations to their younger selves

- Areas that are not taught on degrees which are fundamental for a career in performance nutrition

- The future of performance nutrition

- Key principles which they follow daily

And finally, the question which I have enjoyed asking the most...

What makes a successful performance nutritionist?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Dr James C Morehen
  • Publish Date: Feb 8th, 2024
  • Pages: 226
  • Language: English
  • Edition: - 0002
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.48in - 0.59lb
  • EAN: 9781739871826
  • Categories: Diet & Nutrition - NutritionPersonal Growth - SuccessGeneral

About the Author

Morehen, James C.: - Prior to university James spent three years travelling across Southeast Asia and teaching snowboarding in Canada. At 21 years old he decided to stop travelling and embark on a nine-year academic career at Liverpool John Moores University within the Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Here he completed his undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and his master's degree in Sports Physiology. James then completed his PhD titled: Growing, building and repairing elite rugby players: nutritional and energetic considerations.Throughout his studies, his applied work with elite sport includes professional athletes from football, rugby, boxing, motorsport, combat sports, golf as well as global companies in London.He owns and operates The Performance Nutrition Network a community of practitioners from all over the world, where the aim is to learn from and support one another in performance nutrition and sport. James is proudly registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register as a high-performance practitioner and outside of working with elite athletes enjoys reviewing the current literature, presenting at universities, mentoring others in the industry and running his own business: Morehen Performance Ltd.In his spare time James enjoys spending time with his family and dog.
Praise for this book

"Some nice insight into the hard work and dedication needed to get the top performance nutrition jobs. Plenty of interesting thoughts on volunteering for free and how investing in yourself always yields the highest return on investment. I think I would have approached my time at university slightly differently had I read this book!"

"I bought this book not knowing what to expect but had heard others talk about it. What I found was a useful "go to" guide on a myriad of diverse topics which provide nuggets of information that I can practically apply.

I like most of all the depth of knowledge required is as much as you desire. There is a clear focus on putting the obvious scientific insight into real life practice which I found really helpful and more importantly, kept things interesting and relevant.

This will be a book that serves as a helpful reference point for a number of years and is well worth its space on an ever growing (cluttered) shelf which rightfully earns its place amongst some strong competition."

"If you want to gain genuine insight to the increasingly competitive performance nutrition industry, this book is a must buy. You can fast track your learning from the experiences and journeys of some of the current elite nutritionists who are at the top of their game. James's questioning of the subjects allows us all to learn about how to be successful rather than simply 'what is appropriate nutrition for the sport of ....' It's fascinating, well set out, easy to read and from a wide variety of practitioners. I have found it really beneficial and is certainly a book I'd re-read and keep referring to. Essential for any young people who are considering how best to progress in this field."

"A great an informative book that I wish I had when I started my academic journey with the dream of becoming a Performance Nutritionist with top flight athletes. Well written with genuine insights on how some of the leaders in the field have navigated the reality of applied practice following University. A brilliant book for anyone who is interested in how elite sport works. Can't recommend this enough for applied practitioners or those studying to get into the field. Much needed and a great read."