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The role of websites in the improvement of E Business

Mohammed Ali

The World Wide Web has become a promising place for electronic commerce, and thousands of "dot-com" and "brick and mortar" companies have set up commercial websites to do business over the Internet (Lightner, 2004; Duffy and Dale, 2002; O'Connor and O'Keefe, 1997). Web Commerce, Analysis, and Research Literature is the topic of Chapter 1.

Hence The use of websites can help with supply chain operations in general and procurement in particular (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2004). Today, most transactions done on the Internet are between businesses (Chakraborty et ah, 2002).

Commercial websites have been seen as a form of advertising for a long time, and traditional models of advertising have been used to figure out how they work (Karson and Fisher, 2005).

Chapter 2 goes into detail about how the research method was used to study the proposed problem.

Chapter 3: Using websites to make e-business better: factor analysis, cluster analysis, and chi-square analysis. In this chapter, we did a Factor Analysis to find out how many common factors are needed and enough to explain the correlations between a set of variables. Cluster Analysis is used to find out if respondents have different ideas, and its basic assumptions are its variables.

Chapter 4: Using Variance Analysis to Test the Significance of Better E-Business (ANOVA).

So, an ANOVA analysis is done to find out how the sample means of the data are spread out. One of the main goals of this chapter is to show how to use Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to make websites better. We used ANOVA on things like gender, age, job status, income, and education level to learn more.

Chapter 5 comes to the conclusion that E-business companies should build websites that people can trust by using security when doing business. The specification is based on both theoretical and real-world sources that identified important parts of retail websites, such as the types of information presented, the levels of functionality offered, and the degree to which they meet customers' needs.

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