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Book Cover for: The Sacred Love Manual: Discover the Real Power of Love, Chloé Sinclair

The Sacred Love Manual: Discover the Real Power of Love

Chloé Sinclair

Learn the ability to heal, manifest your desires, become more attractive to others, develop and strengthen your psychic abilities, and much, much more all through the sacred sex process.

What's the most powerful force in existence? Love, actually. But, what's one of the best ways to release that force and to wield its power? SEX!

Sex has the ability to create life. Can you possibly imagine what other great powers it has? The power to create YOUR life! Sex has the power to heal all physical, mental and emotional afflictions. It can manifest your desires and dreams. It can help build, strengthen and deepen the love for yourself and your partner. And, it can deliver you into different spiritual dimensions all while you ride in its blissful chariot.

Sexual intercourse as defined by the dictionary is "the act carried out for procreation or for pleasure in which it involves insertion of the male's erect penis into the female's vagina followed by rhythmic thrusting usually culminating in orgasm". Our modern dictionaries define it as a purely physical act. I disagree. It is my experience that the physical part of sex is just a small fraction of what this power is about. Unfortunately, these days, media, publications, etc., focus primarily on that part. So much so, that sex's other characteristics are sometimes called "secret".

Ironically, the etymology of the term sexual intercourse means "communication to and fro" and "a running between, intervention" . The primary purpose of this communication is to understand, appreciate and deepen the love that is generated between partners. This step is crucial and once a bond is created, anything that comes against it cannot easily be defeated, thus an intervention or prevention of negative influences. Love is the force creating the energy.

During these new sexual adventures, this power is created not just by physical sensations but also what's inside the body meaning your mental and emotional being. And the first step is the emotional cleansing of negative energy such as pain, traumas, fears, etc., that interferes with you and your partner's progress.

The infusion of the male and female characteristics into both partners is another intrinsic and vital part of the process and it can only happen when total trust between partners has been established. Therefore, a degree of emotional preparedness is in order, but I assure you it's effects upon both you and your partner will amaze you.

The second is the physical part of the process. Learning new ways to control and have orgasms is the primary focus and is accomplished by altering the traditional practice of sex. You will be taught how to awaken the sacred areas by performing genital massages that will profoundly enhance and prolong your sexual experience. The results are more intense orgasms that encompass the entire body, as well as the ability to have multiple orgasms.

And the most important, is how to use it to further your spiritual development. This aspect of sex is either not known or discussed but it is the most valuable and powerful part of sex. Implementation and execution of the energy you and your partner create can be used for healing, manifesting desires and much, much more.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 18th, 2023
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