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Book Cover for: The Secret Adversary (Annotated), Agatha Christie

The Secret Adversary (Annotated)

Agatha Christie

"The Secret Adversary" by Agatha Christie is a riveting and suspenseful tale that thrusts readers into the heart of post-World War I London, a city rife with intrigue, espionage, and clandestine plots. Published in 1922, this novel marks the debut of Christie's dynamic detective duo, Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley, who navigate a world of shadows and secrets.

Set against the backdrop of a Europe grappling with the aftermath of war, the story follows the charismatic and impulsive Tommy and the resourceful and clever Tuppence. The duo, both in their twenties, find themselves in the midst of a world on the brink of political upheaval. Eager for adventure and a bit of financial gain, they embark on a quest to uncover the mysterious "Jane Finn," a woman whose disappearance holds the key to a dangerous international conspiracy.

Christie weaves a web of suspense and danger as Tommy and Tuppence navigate a labyrinthine plot filled with double-crossings, hidden agendas, and unexpected alliances. The story is a rollercoaster of twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as the protagonists race against time to unravel the enigma that threatens to reshape the political landscape.

"The Secret Adversary" showcases Agatha Christie's mastery in crafting intricate puzzles and memorable characters. With her signature wit and ingenuity, Christie introduces readers to a world where nothing is as it seems, and trust is a commodity in short supply. The chemistry between Tommy and Tuppence adds a delightful charm to the narrative, making them a duo that readers will eagerly follow through each suspenseful chapter.

This early work by the Queen of Crime serves as a captivating introduction to her storytelling prowess. Full of espionage, mystery, and a touch of romance, "The Secret Adversary" is a timeless classic that invites readers to embark on a thrilling journey into the clandestine world of international intrigue.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Jason Nollan
  • Publish Date: Jan 8th, 2024
  • Pages: 242
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.55in - 0.79lb
  • EAN: 9782386370038
  • Categories: ClassicsAction & AdventureMystery & Detective - Private Investigators
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