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Book Cover for: The Seekers' Path to Discover The Perfections of The Best of Creation, Khalid S. Shahu

The Seekers' Path to Discover The Perfections of The Best of Creation

Khalid S. Shahu

This book appears in a very critical moment & turning point, not only in the life of the Ummah of the Beloved Prophet of Islam ﷺ, but also in the life of the entire humanity on this earth. It appears in a world that is devoid of true religious & political leadership. It is a timely reminder that true leadership is to be found in the example of the Final Prophet & Messenger ﷺ.

By adopting the theory of "Al-Minhaj Al-Nabawi (the Prophetic Method) & combining Hadith (Prophetic sayings and doings) with Seerah Reports (Biography ) from & about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him & all the other prophets & messengers of God), the author draws a beautiful, constructive & comprehensive portrait of the beloved Prophet of Islam. In such portrait, consisting of ten chapters, the author introduces the Beloved Prophet ﷺ, as: 1) the Greatest Companion; 2) the Perfect Model of God's Remembrance; 3) Sincerity; 4) Unconditional Giving; 5) Godly Knowledge; 6) Action; 7) High Character; 8) Purposefulness; 9) Balance; 10) & Jihad for God's sake.

The author emphasizes how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the perfect embodiment & reflection of the above-mentioned attributes & how his model is the most efficent & highly needed model in our times to replace humans' hostility with love & brotherhood; disconnection from the divine with heart awakening & spiritual revival; falsehood, hypocrisy & lies with sincerity & truthfulness; stinginess & individualism with altruism & unconditional giving towards collective survival; ignorance & blindness with divine knowledge & enlightenment; indifference & laziness with activism & positive involvement; immorality with high character; a terrible sense of human loss with a purposeful life; extremism & violence with balance & gentleness; cowardliness with bravery & consistent effort & struggle to serve & establish justice on earth.

"While there are many works that rely on verses from the Qur'an and prophetic Hadiths to highlight various aspects of Muslim faith, practice & ethics, the subject matter of this book, coupled with Dr. Shahu's lucid translation, distinguishes it. His moving preface on loving the Prophet speaks with a power and passion that shines through every page of a book that is itself, undeniably, a work of love." (Imam Zaid Shakir)

"The Seeker's Path is a work that leads its reader to a deeper understanding and attachment to the model and message of the Best of Creation ﷺ. Its presentation is comprehensive, allowing the reader to glimpse the unique combination of the human & the sublime that epitomizes the simple & stunning beauty of Islam & its Messenger." (Dr. Michael Dann, Princeton University)

In this lovingly-compiled work, Dr. Khalid Shahu presents an impressive array of Qur'anic verses & Hadiths that attest to the refined character of the Final Prophet & Messenger ﷺ. In a world devoid of true religious & political leadership, in a world where the most vulnerable members of the Ummah have been abandoned to western imperialist interests, this book is a timely reminder that true leadership is to be found in the example of the Final Prophet & Messenger ﷺ." (Ustatha Zaynab Ansari)

In The Seekers' Path to Discover the Perfections of the Best of Creation, Dr. Shahu not only invites his readers to learn about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, but he also invites us to be in sacred relationship with him & become companions of his prophetic reality. His theory & methodology of prophetic community development are built upon the foundation of loving Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a virtue we seldom hear about whenever Islam is discussed, but one that Dr Shahu's teacher, Imam Abdessalam Yassine, always emphasized in his works & words. This work is a wave from his towering waves of renewal & restoration of the Muslim world. (Imam Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes)

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  • Publish Date: May 23rd, 2024
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